Oh, Christmas Tree

We ventured to a new Christmas Tree farm this year because I had decided I wanted a tree like this:
but chickened out when we got there. I just haven't loved our tree the past couple years and cannot put my finger on why. This Christmas Tree Farm faired no better than the one in the past and I guess I realize now that its probably actually my problem of being a perfectionist vs. the tree farm itself. Chances are that no real tree is ever going to meet my expectations but the memories do - and that is really what matters, right?
We found what looked like a pretty dang good tree when it was on the lot and had fun doing it. Win-win.
Except...Tylee didn't really care one bit about the whole process and would rather have just played on the trailor. Oh well.
I didn't take a picture of the bare tree (I think I forget to do this every year) but to be honest, I was pretty nervous once we got the tree inside and had it set up. I mean, you saw the picture of the tree above - how can it look so, so, so much worse once its shaken out and placed in your home? You'll just have to believe me that it did. Thank goodness it all came together.
Tylee did have a great time decorating the tree this year. I let her do what she wanted and then fixed it when she went down for a nap. (Sorry Tylee!)
This wasn't posed! He likes to sit here!
Overall we had a great day as a family. I really treasure these memories and it makes me sad to think that someday they will end. This is truly the happiest time of my entire life and I just don't see how it can get better than this. Somehow it always does and I'm so thankful for that.

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