Holiday Homes Tour 2011

I missed The Nester and Kelly's Korner Holiday Homes tour but I still wanted to share my Christmas stuff. Its fun to look back from year to year and see how things change. And, I spent several hours doing all this and I'm not sure a single person has been to my house.
 My favorite decoration, Wistrom.
I finally gave in and ordered TJ and I stockings to match Tylee's. I just kept thinking I would do it after Christmas when they went on sale but by that time, I no longer care about stockings. Now that they are here, I find them kinda childish but I don't know what else to get us to match.
 I finally found a spot for my Nativity. I love this but never had a spot to really display it until I found my $10 thrift-store bench. Perfect!
  I got this on sale last year after Christmas. I think it was $10 but am not sure what to put in it. The Ornaments didn't do it for me but I never came across anything else so that will do for this year. I also got these reindeer after Christmas for $10 each. LOVE!
This chain has been a LIFE-SAVER! I got Tylee excited about Christmas a little too early. We were in desperate need of a visual to countdown the days.
A girl can never have too much pink, right?
(This tree has been decorated and undecorated several times. I should've taken a little time to spruce it up before I took the picture but oh well - this is real life.)

I am never, ever, ever making cake balls again. I don't care how cute they are.  
(Our big tree has also seen better days. Between Tylee and Boones tail, most of the ornaments have been re-hung several times.)
 It makes me sad to think in less than 10 days, all this will be back in the shed in tubs. Thankfully, I can come back to this post and enjoy it all year long.

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

Oh, my I am in love with your table scape. Beautiful!