Christmas Eve

I was so excited Christmas Eve was finally here but was highly disapointed when I could not get Tylee convinced that this was it! THIS was the day/night we've been waiting for! "Christmas is in 3 days, Mom!" No, actually it's not, Tylee. Look at your damn chain! Either way, the day had to go on and we continuted on with the first of our Christmas traditions. Making cookies for Santa with Grammy.
 After the cookie making, it was time to track Santa on Norad. Tylee had no idea what any of it meant but was excited to see him on the map and watch the videos of him in the different countries. We had to drag her away to go look at lights.
 I made the mistake of telling her about some dancing lights that we were going to see and that is all she talked about the entire trip. Even after we saw the lights that "danced" she kept asking when we were going to see them and if they twirled around like a ballerina. Guess she doesn't understand rhythm and that the lights just came on and off with the music on the radio. Our last stop in town was to go by the Santa that stands out on his roof. Tylee was thrilled and wanted to go straight home and get in bed. I have no idea how people pull this Santa stuff off with older kids. He was in China before we left for town and then in Parsons 10 minutes later?
 Thankfully we made it home before Santa came and got the reindeer food, milk and cookies out. It wasn't even 8:00pm and Tylee was in bed and so excited! 

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