Christmas Eve Eve

The festivities are about to begin and although I am excited, "the feeling" hasn't came over me yet. I'm really hoping it does but I've tried not to have overly high expections so that I'm not disapointed. I'm sure it will come tomorrow night as I watch Tylee become more and more excited for Santa. Watching her believe in something so whole-heartedly this year has been nothing short of amazing. I cannot believe that I have a daughter of my own and that our little family has something so special. I am truly the happiest I have ever, ever been in my whole life. There is so much to be thankful for this Holiday season and I'm trying so hard to be deliberate in my thinking, my actions, and prayers. I read something on Pinterest awhile back that said something to the sort of, "What if you only had tomorrow what you thanked Jesus for today?" There is so much that I take for granted.
I've really struggled trying to teach Tylee about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas this year. I've known in the past that she was really too young to understand but now that she is older, it is my duty as her Mother to share with her the story and importance of Jesus' birth. There was a period a few months ago where she would tell me, "I don't like Jesus and I don't want to talk about him!" I pushed through and continuted our conversations but was never sure we were getting anywhere. She goes to pre-school at the Christian Church and I know they say prayers and learn some about the Bible. The other day she asked me out of the blue what "Jesus Christ" looked like. That made my heart happy. I told her that he was tall, thin, and had long brown hair. Mary was next and when I hesitated she replied with, "Does she look like Belle?" Yah - she kinda does look like Belle. So I took the oppurtunity to tell her (what I know of) the Christmas Story and about Jesus' birth. She was NOT happy! "It is NOT Jesus' birthday! It is Christmas!" I stopped the conversation discouraged and hoped at least some of my words sunk in. The next morning she asked TJ if he knew why we celebrated Christmas. Her reply? Because it's Jesus' Birthday. She was listening.
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

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