Christmas 2011

*I am sorry I am still blogging about Christmas but I love to go back and look at what we did. One more recap and then I'm done. (And the OCD in me will go change all the dates to get the blogs in the order they actually happened.)

Whew! What a whirlwind! I am actually relieved that it is all over. Is that sad to say? I hate that I feel that way because I love Christmas. Love it. But it just kept going and going and going! I don't think we could've squeezed one more thing into 2 days. Thank goodness that I took Tuesday off work to unpack, re-group, and relax a little. I was able to manuever everything this year so that Christmas morning at home was Tylee's 1st Christmas of the season. I'm not sure if that made things better or worse. If she would've gotten the mountains of toys before our Christmas at home, she wouldn't have cared one bit about what we bought for her. In hindsight though, arranging it that way left everything else to be crammed into Sunday afternoon and Monday, which made for a long couple of days. Oh well. Opening that many presents in that short of time is every kids dream. And I guess the fact that Tylee had fun was all that really matttered.
With Christmas being over, I am looking forward to Spring and camping again. Thank god we live in Kansas and have all 4 seasons. I need the change. The tree is down, all the decor is put away, the totes are hidden in the shed, and we even got the lights down over New Years. The only remants of Christmas left in the house is all the new toys. And I know 3 people that are perfectly fine with that.

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