Last year, Trick-or-Treating was honestly one of my most fun parenting moments to date so obviously, I was really looking foward to this year. Tylee somehow remembered  Halloween from last year and wanted to be that damn Unicorn from Pottery Barn Kids again. I decided to for-go paying $60 for a Halloween costume and had just about started to make it -when she changed her mind. Thank god. Now she wanted to be a fairy. YES! A mothers dream come true! (Okay, so my dream come true - I am sure some mothers don't care what their kids are for Halloween.) I had the perfect fairy costume picked out on Etsy but when I gave Tylee the, "I'm about to pay for it. Are you ssssuuuurreee?" She changed her mind and wanted to be Jesse. And she was ssssuuuuure - there was no changing her mind. Believe me, I tried.  

All of my pictures from Trick or Treating look like this:
so I will only bore you with 3 of them. Although still fun, Trick-or-Treating was not near as fun as last year. As with everything that we do with Tylee these days, a signifigant amount of innocence has been lost and unfortunately replaced with twice the amount of attitude. Hold this. Carry me. Don't touch my hat. Stay back there. I don't need help. I don't like that candy. Open this. I have to potty. I want to touch that blow-up pumpkin. I'm tired. I don't want to go home yet. Where did he get that glowstick? I want a glow- stick. I want a glow-stick. I want a glow-stick. ENOUGH WITH THE GLOWSTICK.   
Embarrasingly enough, Tylee actually told people that she didn't want the yellow bags of M&M's because she doesn't like peanuts. Thankfully, they laughed and replaced them with the brown bags but I have to admit it saddened me a little see my snotty opinionated 3-year old standing up at those doors rather than my thankful, appreciative 2-year old. I know every age will have its ups and downs and thankfully the good (usually) outweighs the bad. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween.

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Becca said...

oh but she is a CUTE Jessie :-) thanks for the tips on my blog!