Thanksgiving 2011

I suppose I should have a post about our Thanksgiving this year but the problem is that I really don't have anything to say about it. We had a great dinner at my Mom's house on Thursday (possibly one of the best Thanksgiving meals I've ever had!) and didn't do squat for the rest of the weekend. Relaxing? Yes! Blogworthy? No. So, that about sums up that. 

I do have one blogworthy tale-to-tell and to put it simply, anyone that thinks Tylee is photogenic - is WRONG. I knew Saturday was going to be the last nice day for awhile so I took Tylee outside for little photoshoot. Out of over 200 pictures, I literally got 2 that I could use. Here are some fun outtakes that will not be on the 2011 Trollope Christmas card.
"Great! Look right in Mommy's camera but put your finger down!"
"Please put the sticks down."
"Show me your mad face!" (In hopes of a smile afterwards...no luck.)
"Thank your for looking at my camera but you need to smile now."
"No, we are not done. This would seriously take 5 seconds if you would just look at this piece of glass right here and smile ONE TIME. I don't really care if you are annoyed. Don't you want to send Brecca a Christmas card?" Obviously she didn't.

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