Tj was pheasant hunting all last week so Tylee and I were solo for quite a few days. I had the entire weekend last weekend all to myself and was very torn as to what to do with it. I mentioned to my Dad that Tylee and I thought about going to Neewollah and he said that him and Janis had talked about going as well. Awesome. It ended up being the perfect way to spend our solo-Saturday. He brought the big girls with him and Tylee couldn't have been happier. Janis was also excited that she had someone to join her on the spinny rides. Win-win. 
The Merry-go-round was more Tylee's speed. Although she looks less than thrilled.  
After we rode a few rides, we decided we should find a spot for the parade. A girl at work goes to Neewollah annually and has even went over and put chairs out the night before. We, on the other hand, showed up 30 minutes before the parade started and hoped we could find a spot. Big difference! We definately didn't find anything on the front row but found a curb with open space to stand on that worked just fine.
Janis got crafty and found a trailor tongue to stand the little ones on so they could see better, although they eventually made their way up to the front anyways so they could get some candy. The parade was several hours long and we all got bored so we skipped out early to get some grub and do some line-free activities. I'm convinced that is the way to do it - watch a little of the parade and then go do your thing while the thousands of other people are still watching it.
Tylee would not get her face painted. I begged her too - it would've been so cute! But she wouldn't.
Comparing boots with Papa.
It was a fun day but I am glad Tylee and I didn't venture over there by ourself. The company definitely made the trip worth making. I can't see this coming an annual thing but if Papa and Janis want to go again, we would definitely go with.

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