Happy Birthday, Poppy!

My love for camping definitely stems from camping with my Grandparents when I was little. I have so many great memories camping with them. When Tj and I first bought our camper, I had all these "rules" in my head of things that we needed to do and how we needed to do them. One of the very first camping supplies I bought was a tablecloth and some clamps to hold it down. We didn't have sheets or pillows but we had those two necessities! When I went camping as a kid, my job was always to put the tablecloth on the picnic table and it is still one of the 1st things I do. Looking back, I am sure I was sent outside to deal with the tablecloth so that I wasn't inside bothering Nanny while she unpacked. Tricky.
 This past weekend we all (14 of us!) loaded up and went camping in Farlington for Poppy's 80th birthday. We decided it would be easier to just rent a cabin so that we could all be together in the same spot. It was a beautiful, fun-filled weekend that I wouldn't have missed for the world.
Tylee and I were one of the 1st ones there Friday night and she was so excited to help Poppy build a fire. As I was sitting there watching her boss Poppy around, I couldn't help but to think back to all my camping trips with Poppy as a little girl doing the exact same thing. She is definitely my child.
Everyone else finally arrived and we started off the weekend with some good grub, game playing, book reading, and good 'ol fashioned quality time. No wonder the kids like going to Nanny's house so much - if they want to read a book, she reads a book. If they want to play Sorry! (again), she plays Sorry! (again). 
It was a bit chilly out the next morning but the kids were getting restless inside the cabin so Nate and I took them on a Nature Walk. Nathan spent his time looking for fishing holes, the kids spent their time looking for deer tracks, and I spent my time taking pictures. 

I was able to get plenty of cute pictures, the kids found lots of deer tracks, and Nathan was definitely successful finding a good fishing hole.
The rest of the day was spent lounging around the cabin enjoying the company and letting the cousins play.
Nanny promised each of the 4 big kids that they could put 20 candles a piece on Poppy's cake. They were SO excited about this. Unfortunately, the wind had other ideas and all 80 candles never got lit at the same time.
Happy Birthday Popster and thanks for a great weekend!

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Sunni said...

Good times! That last picture is especially PRICELESS!