I had a fancy post planned in my head about Tylee's new haircut but with the stupid time change, all the precious daylight hours have disappeared before I even get home from work. No pictures = no blog post.
Anyways, we cut about 4 inches off Tylee's mane and to say it looks better is an understatement. I thought she had "true curls" but I've heard so many horror stories about losing those precious baby curls after the first major haircut. We've trimmed her hair several times but this is the first signifigant cut and voila! (Insert crappy "I-refuse-to-use-my-flash-but-should-know-better-by-now" pictures here.) 
We still have curls!
To be honest, I wasn't distraught about losing the curls - I was distraught about ending up with semi-wavy hair that either needed lots of product or straightened everyday. Who has time to spend on their daughters semi-wavy hair when I have my own semi-wavy hair to deal with every morning? So thankfully, her curls are better than ever before and our bathtime routine of wash-and-go still remains the same. (P.S. - her hair was already cut in the camping pictures below but apparently its not that obvious unless I point it out. Either way, we needed a blog post for memory's sake on her 1st big hair cut.)

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