The Elf on the Shelf

I knew this Christmas season was going to be full of wonderful memories but I had no idea how much Tylee would truly understand. I assumed that she would be on board with the whole Santa thing (Jesus is another story) but I never thought she would understand this much.
 Our Elf, Wistrom, showed up yesterday morning. He comes on Thanksgiving night and stays until Christmas Eve. We placed him He landed on the shelf next to the TV in the living room and then when Tylee woke up, we read her the book that he brought with him. She just kinda sat there and took it all in but I knew that her little mind was working overtime. Later, I heard her tell her Grandpa about Wistrom and knew it had all clicked.
Lucky for us, there was a cartoon on last night about The Elf on the Shelf that pulled the whole story together and totally got Tylee reeled in. She was mesmerized watching what the Elves do when they fly back to the North Pole. It answered all the questions (Thank God because some of them were hard!!) she had been casually asking throughout the day and definitely erased any doubt from her mind that Wistrom is real. This is 100% going to be my favorite holiday tradition.

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