Thanksgiving 2011

I suppose I should have a post about our Thanksgiving this year but the problem is that I really don't have anything to say about it. We had a great dinner at my Mom's house on Thursday (possibly one of the best Thanksgiving meals I've ever had!) and didn't do squat for the rest of the weekend. Relaxing? Yes! Blogworthy? No. So, that about sums up that. 

I do have one blogworthy tale-to-tell and to put it simply, anyone that thinks Tylee is photogenic - is WRONG. I knew Saturday was going to be the last nice day for awhile so I took Tylee outside for little photoshoot. Out of over 200 pictures, I literally got 2 that I could use. Here are some fun outtakes that will not be on the 2011 Trollope Christmas card.
"Great! Look right in Mommy's camera but put your finger down!"
"Please put the sticks down."
"Show me your mad face!" (In hopes of a smile afterwards...no luck.)
"Thank your for looking at my camera but you need to smile now."
"No, we are not done. This would seriously take 5 seconds if you would just look at this piece of glass right here and smile ONE TIME. I don't really care if you are annoyed. Don't you want to send Brecca a Christmas card?" Obviously she didn't.


The Elf on the Shelf

I knew this Christmas season was going to be full of wonderful memories but I had no idea how much Tylee would truly understand. I assumed that she would be on board with the whole Santa thing (Jesus is another story) but I never thought she would understand this much.
 Our Elf, Wistrom, showed up yesterday morning. He comes on Thanksgiving night and stays until Christmas Eve. We placed him He landed on the shelf next to the TV in the living room and then when Tylee woke up, we read her the book that he brought with him. She just kinda sat there and took it all in but I knew that her little mind was working overtime. Later, I heard her tell her Grandpa about Wistrom and knew it had all clicked.
Lucky for us, there was a cartoon on last night about The Elf on the Shelf that pulled the whole story together and totally got Tylee reeled in. She was mesmerized watching what the Elves do when they fly back to the North Pole. It answered all the questions (Thank God because some of them were hard!!) she had been casually asking throughout the day and definitely erased any doubt from her mind that Wistrom is real. This is 100% going to be my favorite holiday tradition.


Happy Thanksgiving

From my little Indian

and Pilgrim
to yours. Oh so much to be thankful for.



I am not a quote person at all. Only one quote in my entire life has ever stood out to me. That is, until I saw this one. It literally made my heart sink.
Thankfully, my friend Amanda is a photoshop queen and just happened to see a tutorial on Pinterest about making Subway Art. Between her expertise and my vision, I now have a 16x20 print of my new favorite quote to hang in Tylee's room. As soon as my Christmas Subway Art (photos coming soon!) comes down, I'm jacking the frame and getting this up in Tylee's room ASAP. It couldn't be more true.


This weekend...

we've been decorating for Christmas,
 playing Tea Party,
 putting on Puppet Shows,
and napping.
What a great weekend.



Tylee didn't want to pose in front of the Christmas Tree in her room so she was trying to get Merle too. Suprisingly enough, he still likes her. 


Ornament Wreath

I have been eyeing one of these Christmas wreaths for a couple years now. They are selling on Etsy for about $70. Mine cost? $13
I would love to take credit for the idea but I totally copied it from here. $13 and 20 minutes later? I have a beautiful wreath for Tylee's room. I can't wait to make another one for my front door. And for my Mom, my Grandma, and for Tylee's teachers. Oh! And I may take one to an Ornament Exchange party. I'm pretty sure it would be the best ornament there!!



I had a fancy post planned in my head about Tylee's new haircut but with the stupid time change, all the precious daylight hours have disappeared before I even get home from work. No pictures = no blog post.
Anyways, we cut about 4 inches off Tylee's mane and to say it looks better is an understatement. I thought she had "true curls" but I've heard so many horror stories about losing those precious baby curls after the first major haircut. We've trimmed her hair several times but this is the first signifigant cut and voila! (Insert crappy "I-refuse-to-use-my-flash-but-should-know-better-by-now" pictures here.) 
We still have curls!
To be honest, I wasn't distraught about losing the curls - I was distraught about ending up with semi-wavy hair that either needed lots of product or straightened everyday. Who has time to spend on their daughters semi-wavy hair when I have my own semi-wavy hair to deal with every morning? So thankfully, her curls are better than ever before and our bathtime routine of wash-and-go still remains the same. (P.S. - her hair was already cut in the camping pictures below but apparently its not that obvious unless I point it out. Either way, we needed a blog post for memory's sake on her 1st big hair cut.)


Happy Birthday, Poppy!

My love for camping definitely stems from camping with my Grandparents when I was little. I have so many great memories camping with them. When Tj and I first bought our camper, I had all these "rules" in my head of things that we needed to do and how we needed to do them. One of the very first camping supplies I bought was a tablecloth and some clamps to hold it down. We didn't have sheets or pillows but we had those two necessities! When I went camping as a kid, my job was always to put the tablecloth on the picnic table and it is still one of the 1st things I do. Looking back, I am sure I was sent outside to deal with the tablecloth so that I wasn't inside bothering Nanny while she unpacked. Tricky.
 This past weekend we all (14 of us!) loaded up and went camping in Farlington for Poppy's 80th birthday. We decided it would be easier to just rent a cabin so that we could all be together in the same spot. It was a beautiful, fun-filled weekend that I wouldn't have missed for the world.
Tylee and I were one of the 1st ones there Friday night and she was so excited to help Poppy build a fire. As I was sitting there watching her boss Poppy around, I couldn't help but to think back to all my camping trips with Poppy as a little girl doing the exact same thing. She is definitely my child.
Everyone else finally arrived and we started off the weekend with some good grub, game playing, book reading, and good 'ol fashioned quality time. No wonder the kids like going to Nanny's house so much - if they want to read a book, she reads a book. If they want to play Sorry! (again), she plays Sorry! (again). 
It was a bit chilly out the next morning but the kids were getting restless inside the cabin so Nate and I took them on a Nature Walk. Nathan spent his time looking for fishing holes, the kids spent their time looking for deer tracks, and I spent my time taking pictures. 

I was able to get plenty of cute pictures, the kids found lots of deer tracks, and Nathan was definitely successful finding a good fishing hole.
The rest of the day was spent lounging around the cabin enjoying the company and letting the cousins play.
Nanny promised each of the 4 big kids that they could put 20 candles a piece on Poppy's cake. They were SO excited about this. Unfortunately, the wind had other ideas and all 80 candles never got lit at the same time.
Happy Birthday Popster and thanks for a great weekend!



Last year, Trick-or-Treating was honestly one of my most fun parenting moments to date so obviously, I was really looking foward to this year. Tylee somehow remembered  Halloween from last year and wanted to be that damn Unicorn from Pottery Barn Kids again. I decided to for-go paying $60 for a Halloween costume and had just about started to make it -when she changed her mind. Thank god. Now she wanted to be a fairy. YES! A mothers dream come true! (Okay, so my dream come true - I am sure some mothers don't care what their kids are for Halloween.) I had the perfect fairy costume picked out on Etsy but when I gave Tylee the, "I'm about to pay for it. Are you ssssuuuurreee?" She changed her mind and wanted to be Jesse. And she was ssssuuuuure - there was no changing her mind. Believe me, I tried.  

All of my pictures from Trick or Treating look like this:
so I will only bore you with 3 of them. Although still fun, Trick-or-Treating was not near as fun as last year. As with everything that we do with Tylee these days, a signifigant amount of innocence has been lost and unfortunately replaced with twice the amount of attitude. Hold this. Carry me. Don't touch my hat. Stay back there. I don't need help. I don't like that candy. Open this. I have to potty. I want to touch that blow-up pumpkin. I'm tired. I don't want to go home yet. Where did he get that glowstick? I want a glow- stick. I want a glow-stick. I want a glow-stick. ENOUGH WITH THE GLOWSTICK.   
Embarrasingly enough, Tylee actually told people that she didn't want the yellow bags of M&M's because she doesn't like peanuts. Thankfully, they laughed and replaced them with the brown bags but I have to admit it saddened me a little see my snotty opinionated 3-year old standing up at those doors rather than my thankful, appreciative 2-year old. I know every age will have its ups and downs and thankfully the good (usually) outweighs the bad. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween.


Pumpkin Carving with Papa

We never got around to carving pumpkins as a family this year so after Neewollah, we went back to Chanute to carve some with Papa. Much like shooting fireworks, it is fun to carve pumpkins with my Dad because he does all the work thoroughly enjoys it.

Pull harder Tylee!
Look at that face. Tylee was less than amused.
And neither was I after poking all those dots.
But - the end result was worth it. Tylee was a happy little girl.