Tulsa State Fair 2011

We has so much fun last year at the fair that there was never a question whether or not to go again this year. So we loaded up Tylee and Merle and hit the road!   
We could have (and possibly should have) hit up some Fast Food on the way into town but what fun is the fair without food?! Its my favorite part - even if it costs an arm and a leg.
After lunch we hit up the petting zoo. The pony rides were a big hit last year so I was excited for Tylee to get to ride them again. Uhhhhh, no such luck. We have a super scared 3-year old and she didn't want anything to do with those horses.
She finally got brave enough to feed the goats!
After the petting zoo, we wandered around and enjoyed the beautiful day. When we first got to the clown Tylee wanted a dinosaur but I guess she caved under pressure and ended up with a pink kitty....that popped before I got a picture. 
I was nervous about the carnival since she was afraid of everything at Artist Alley but she we did actually get her on a few rides. Last year when she was naive enough to ride them - she wasn't big enough. This year when she was actually tall enough, she was scared. That's life, huh? The games were a huge hit. It made the whole day worth it.

And finally, on the way out we gave her one last chance to ride the horses....


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The Kepley Family said...

Wow that looks like a lot of fun! We've never been, maybe that should go on the agenda next year,