Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again. It seems like I can't make it through fall without taking Tylee to the Pumpkin Patch. She is going to be really, really mad at me when she is 15 years old and I'm still dragging her there. Heck, 3 years old was almost too old yet I still have plans to go back next year. It's one of my favorite things to do. Lindsey is apparently better than me at gaging age-appropriateness, as she was only planning on taking Brynna this year. However, Tylee begged for one of the big girls to go so Braylee got to tag along too.
I was suprised Tylee actually rode this train considering she was scared to death of the exact same thing at Artist Alley a few weeks ago. I am sure it had something to do with Braylee riding it with her. Either way, her and Racoony really enjoyed it. Thank goodness she didn't drop him in the field. (That thought didn't cross my mind until it was too late.)

The highlight of the trip and the sole reason I love this Pumkin Patch is because of the corn trough. It is definitely the kids favorite part and I usually like it for photo-ops...but we were there in 100% full sun and that is a very hard time of day to get good photos.
Tylee also really enjoyed "milking" the cow. She was soaking wet by the time we left.
Overall, it was a great day but I'm afraid Tylee is quickly outgrowing these activities. I think next year we may hit up a different pumpkin patch with a few more activities for older kids. Hopefully by then we won't still have a scaredy cat on our hands. I'm doubtful.


Aud said...

We have gone to the pumpkin patch EVERY year since Simon was 3. He's yet to complain or say that it's boring. :)

Who doesn't like stomping around and finding the BIGGEST pumpkin in the field and riding a tractor?

April & Michael said...

I found your blog from kelly's korner. Your little girl is adorable with all those curls! I have a 15 month old boy. I love your blog and see that you enjoy camping too. We love to camp as well! I love the pics of your daughter on the left side. If you have a chance can you share how you did that? Thanks!

Lisa said...

Hi! Just stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Tylee is so cute! I've never heard of that name before and I like it!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It looks like she had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch. You have such beautiful pictures of the outing.

Stopping from Kelly's Korner! I have an only too.