Lincoln, NE

Tj and I headed North last weekend to my favorite place EVER. If Tj said we could move there I would start packing in the morning. I would probably be disapointed once we arrived and it was no longer game day but there is no place I would rather be on a Saturday morning than in Lincoln Nebraska.
My boss gave us his tickets this year and they are much, much better than the nosebleed section we usually sit in. We were on row 17 but were right over the tunnel so there wasn't 17 rows of people in front of us. Maybe 10?
I loved these balloons. I kept my eye on them most of pre-game and at some point I looked up and they were gone! The tradition is to let your balloons go when Nebraska scores their 1st points but this either got too heavy and dropped or someone accidently let go.
(That is the coach in grey)
I guess during kickoff people take off their shoes. I've never seen them do that before but after I saw this guy I looked around and saw several others...who knows. But it's a neat picture!!
The game started off pretty rocky but ended GREAT. It was by far my favorite game that we've been too. (You can read about the others here, here, here, and here.)
Nebraska 34 - Ohio State 27
Sunday morning we took a different route out of Lincoln and I was in awe most of the drive. It didn't occur to me to grab my camera until we were already past the prettiest part. Yet another awesome neighborhood to dream about.
Merle enjoyed the trip too. Can you tell?

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