Life on the Homefront

Life has been good but busy. Fall is my favorite time of year (and I'm not just saying that because its finally here) but it always seems to fill up fast with events and goes by way too quick. We have something going on every weekend until Thanksgiving. Although it is all super fun stuff, to think about having that full of a schedule until late November is not enticing. I need some down-time!

Tylee and I went to a little Pumpkin Patch outside of town the other day and bought all the stuff we needed to get our outside fall display set up. On the way there Tylee told me she had an idea and when I asked what it was she said, "Brecca is nice. She can go with us!" It was then that I realized that she thought we were going to the actual Pumpkin Patch rather than just the little Greenhouse that it actually was. She was highly disappointed when we arrived but was promised a trip back to the real pumpkin patch soon. With Brecca. Anyways, all our outside decor is up and I will have pictures coming soon.
Preschool has been going better. Tylee isn't always excited to go but walks right in when she gets there. When I ask her how it was her response is always, "Not fun. I don't like it." If I rephrase my questions and ask what she did, who she played with, what her snack was and if the teacher read a book that day, she normally gets excited telling me about her day and it is very obvious she had fun.

Merle is doing great and adjusting to being chased by a 3-year old non-stop. He is the best puppy that we could have ever asked for. He is very lazy and sleeps a lot yet plays just the right amount when we want him too. He sleeps in bed with TJ and I and doesn't make a peep all night. Sometimes I randomly wake up in the middle of the night (mothers intuition?) and he is patiently sitting on the edge of the bed waiting to go outside. He isn't catching on to Potty-training during the day as well as we would like but he is 100% crate-trained and does good if you keep him on a schedule. If you forget to take him out he has no problem squatting on the floor right in front of you but I have been noticing him going to the door off and on. Coincedence? Probably. But we'll get there - he is worth it.                            

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