Grand Master Pointing Retriever

As Tylee has mentioned before, (you have to go watch that video again) our Yellow Lab Boone has been at the trainer. He passed his APLA Certification last October, came home for awhile, and has been back and forth between the trainer and home ever since. He ran another test in the spring (to qualify as an Advanced Pointing Retriever) and most recently this fall (to be a Master Pointing Retriever). He successfully passed both of those but this past weekend was his biggest test yet. And to top it off, it was on his home turf.

I woke up early Saturday morning to birds, trucks, dogs, and hunters filling our pasture. Lets just say it was a little awkward when I walked outside in my PJ's to let Merle potty. 
Go Boone! Go!
I am happy to report that Boone passed with flying colors on Sunday - and is officially home to stay!
He finally got his purple ribbon.