Black and White Day

Tylee's preschool has been learning a color a week since the beginning of school. If I had to guess, I would assume that most preschoolers already know their colors but her teacher has been teaching at this same school for 26 years and I assume knows more about it than I do. Anyways, this week was Black and White week so guess who got to go?  
Since I was taking the morning off to take Merle, I decided to stay for the day and see what pre-school was all about. The teachers encourage parents to visit but want you to wait a few weeks so that your child has time to get acclamated. I"m not sure I waited long enough.
It was neat to see how the classroom was ran, see the schedule, activities, and meet some of the other kids - especially since Tylee hasn't told me a single kids name. But I have to say I was a tad disapointed. I know that me being there probably messed with her routine a little but she was definitely not engaged socially at all. I mean, literally not at all.
I asked the teachers if she was normally this much of a loner and they said not usually but that sometimes she has bad days. I wish they would've elaborated but I guess we'll have conferences soon enough. (I hope anyways...?)
I stood in the corner during snack time and it seemed as though Tylee forgot I was there. I assumed this was close to her "normal" and I was definitely a little taken back. They passed out the cookies and candy to decorate them with. Tylee sat quietly and ate all her candy...then didn't have anything to decorate her pumpkin with. Before witnessing this first hand, if you would've asked me what Tylee would've done with a blank pumpkin and a candy face - I would have guessed that she would have made a face, named it, then role-played with the pumpkin and the little girl sitting next to her. Not even close.
I pray that today was just a bad day but the fact is more times than not - she tells me preschool wasn't fun. Now I know why. To say I'm suprised is an understatement and I would guess that anyone who knows Tylee would be a little suprised as well. I'm going to try not to stress about it and just hope it was a combination of her being one of the youngest in the class, that fact that she didn't go to daycare, and maybe throw in a little bit of "bad day" as well.
Also on the agenda for Thursday after class was the schools Fall Program. I had invited Nanny and Poppy down since they are the only ones that wouldn't have to use vacation to come watch a 15 minute program but warned Nanny that I had no idea what the program was or how Tylee would act. Well, unfortunately Nanny and Poppy got the flu but thankfully they didn't waste their fuel and time to come to Parsons. Tylee just stood there blank the entire time and looked at the crowd. She didn't say a single word, do a single action, or know a single song. She wasn't necessarily bashful - it was more like, "This is ridiculous. Why are we doing this again?" See video below.  
So, I guess the positives in this are that we started her in preschool early and she has plenty of time to adapt. I wouldn't have initally sent her at 3-years old but knew it was a good idea since she hasn't ever done daycare or been around other kids. I thought being around Lindsey's kids was doing the trick but apparently its not even coming close.


Summer said...

what a presh little girl and what a presh little dog and blog and well I just love those little masks they made ha! Are those uggs? Im a big fan of uggs my Kelcee loves them lol! Love your blog over from Kellys can't wait to read more

Rachel said...

Hi! I'm visiting from SUYL.
I normally don't comment on blogs, but I could have written this post 3 years ago when my daughter was 3, so I feel you. But there is hope! :) Chloe` is in Kindergarten now and fully participates in programs. My shy, shy girl now sings and does all the motions. lol! Your daughter will open up in her time. :)