Labor Day

Man, it sure feels good to be able to post this picture. Grandma Katy and Tylee at the lake!! Right where they belong! And of course, I took the picture so that means I was there too. I can't even tell you how good it was to be there again.
Don't forget Merle! He went too! (Yes, the dog finally has a name. Don't ask Tylee her opinion on that...Little Princess was not an option.)
And of course, Papa and Janis were there too.
My Dad has been to the lake every weekend (except for 2) since the tornado getting his place back in order. He was the ONLY person out of 15-or-so homes that didn't lose everything. And oddly enough, he is pretty much smack-dab in the middle of all of them. After weeks and weeks of cleaning, it was only this weekend that he felt it was safe enough for us to bring the kids down. And so we went!
Tylee and I went down on Friday night and it took her almost 15 hours before she asked a single question. She knew a tornado hit the lake yet was still not phased by the view outside the front door.
She was just happy to be there, as was I - but how can that view not take your breath away? Anyways, on our way to Grandma's Saturday morning Tylee pointed to what used to be Uncle Tim's trailor and said, "Mama! I see a broken house!" Then she asked, "Why are all the other houses broken but not Papa's?" That's a very good question Tylee. And no one knows the answer.
Lindsey, Nathan, and her kids came down for the day on Saturday and it was nice to have a semi-normal weekend. 
There's Merle!

We headed home Sunday morning so we could get a few things done and relax at home before it was back to work on Tuesday. Hopefully this won't be our last trip down this summer but after seeing how much my cousin and Aunt got accomplished this weekend - I am thankful that things will be back to our new normal before we know it. I can't wait.


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