Artist Alley

When my sister asked, "How was it?" My reply was, "Well, if you didn't have anything else going on (which I didn't) then I guess it was fine, but I definitely wouldn't skip something else fun to come home for it next year."
I don't think I've been to Artist Alley since I graduated from highschool and in those 10 years, I lived in Chanute for 4 of them and Parsons (30 miles away) the past 6. I guess I wasn't ever overly interested until I had Tylee and apparently we've had something going on the past 3 years. It was a beautiful day and Tylee's 1st official parade but other than that, not much interested her. It may've been more fun if Tylee wasn't afraid of the Bouncy House. And the Train Ride. And the clowns. And the horses. Sooooo...maybe it wasn't Artist Alley's fault.
The big kids were in KC at the Taylor Swift concert so it was just Tylee and Brynna. Brynna loves Tylee and it doesn't hurt Tylee's feelings any that she gets to play the big sister role. She is quite the little Mama.   
Overall it was a beautiful day spent with my Mom, my neice, and Tylee. How can you go wrong there?

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