1st Day of Preschool

It's over! We did it! And there were no tears shed! We successfully made it through the day without a single tear...from Tylee or Mom! (But we did get in a fight about her outfit. I ended up compromising so she would be comfortable.)
We pulled up to the school and she just walked right in! We actually had to call her back out of her room to give Tj and I hugs. She hugged us, turned around, and walked away! That made me happy. She was happy to be there and perfectly independent. We did good.

When we went to pick her up, she got up, pushed in her chair, got her "mail" and we walked down the hall. It was a very uneventful but successful day!  
I didn't expect to hear much about what she did but she actually told us quite a bit. Her favorite part was going down the slide. She played with the kitchen and made a friend named Emily, she thinks. She liked the snack but isn't sure what it was and can't wait to go back on Tuesday!

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Wyatt's Momma said...

Congrats on the first day!! I'm sure it was a relief to see how well she did. Loving the hair on her!! Wish it was mine. :)