Artist Alley

When my sister asked, "How was it?" My reply was, "Well, if you didn't have anything else going on (which I didn't) then I guess it was fine, but I definitely wouldn't skip something else fun to come home for it next year."
I don't think I've been to Artist Alley since I graduated from highschool and in those 10 years, I lived in Chanute for 4 of them and Parsons (30 miles away) the past 6. I guess I wasn't ever overly interested until I had Tylee and apparently we've had something going on the past 3 years. It was a beautiful day and Tylee's 1st official parade but other than that, not much interested her. It may've been more fun if Tylee wasn't afraid of the Bouncy House. And the Train Ride. And the clowns. And the horses. Sooooo...maybe it wasn't Artist Alley's fault.
The big kids were in KC at the Taylor Swift concert so it was just Tylee and Brynna. Brynna loves Tylee and it doesn't hurt Tylee's feelings any that she gets to play the big sister role. She is quite the little Mama.   
Overall it was a beautiful day spent with my Mom, my neice, and Tylee. How can you go wrong there?



Welcome Fall



Smooth Sailing

I'm happy to report -
preschool is going much better! She was actually excited to go yesterday!


Back to Normal

It sure feels good to clean the house and spend 1/2 my time picking up puppy toys again.
I didn't realize how much I missed having a "pup" in the house. There isn't much better than walking in the door and hearing the pitter-patter of 4 little paws coming to greet you. The only thing better would be the pitter-patter of a certain 3-year old coming to greet me but she would rather, "Hide! Hide! Hide!"


Labor Day

Man, it sure feels good to be able to post this picture. Grandma Katy and Tylee at the lake!! Right where they belong! And of course, I took the picture so that means I was there too. I can't even tell you how good it was to be there again.
Don't forget Merle! He went too! (Yes, the dog finally has a name. Don't ask Tylee her opinion on that...Little Princess was not an option.)
And of course, Papa and Janis were there too.
My Dad has been to the lake every weekend (except for 2) since the tornado getting his place back in order. He was the ONLY person out of 15-or-so homes that didn't lose everything. And oddly enough, he is pretty much smack-dab in the middle of all of them. After weeks and weeks of cleaning, it was only this weekend that he felt it was safe enough for us to bring the kids down. And so we went!
Tylee and I went down on Friday night and it took her almost 15 hours before she asked a single question. She knew a tornado hit the lake yet was still not phased by the view outside the front door.
She was just happy to be there, as was I - but how can that view not take your breath away? Anyways, on our way to Grandma's Saturday morning Tylee pointed to what used to be Uncle Tim's trailor and said, "Mama! I see a broken house!" Then she asked, "Why are all the other houses broken but not Papa's?" That's a very good question Tylee. And no one knows the answer.
Lindsey, Nathan, and her kids came down for the day on Saturday and it was nice to have a semi-normal weekend. 
There's Merle!

We headed home Sunday morning so we could get a few things done and relax at home before it was back to work on Tuesday. Hopefully this won't be our last trip down this summer but after seeing how much my cousin and Aunt got accomplished this weekend - I am thankful that things will be back to our new normal before we know it. I can't wait.


Day 2 - Preschool

 Don't let that smile fool ya!
Dropoff at preschool on Day 2 didn't go so well. Tylee and Mommy both left in tears. But -she was happy when we picked her up and is excited to go back tomorrow!! Please hope that is still the case in the morning.



When we went to Branson earlier this summer, making Goop at Silver Dollar City was one of the "musts" on our list of things to do. Tylee hated White Water and didn't really like anything but the Merry-Go-Round at SDC - so making it to the Goop Station was pretty important. Thankfully, our trip was successful and Tylee made it home from Branson with a tub of purple Goop. I have to admit, it is some pretty cool stuff. Tylee plays with her Goop a lot. A LOT. Apparently it has been played with a few more times than it was made to withstand...and lately, it hasn't really been "Goop" anymore. So we made some new stuff this weekend. This must be the exact same recipe that Silver Dollar City uses - because it couldn't have turned out any closer to the same stuff.
 Two Cups Glue

Food Coloring

Four tablespoons Borax
Warm water

In one bowl mix in 1 1/2 cups of warm water, glue, and food coloring.
In a separate bowl mix in Borax with 1 1/3 cup of warm water.
Pour the glue mixture into the borax mixture.
Squish together with your hands, then remove "Goop" from water and place in a plastic bag. Let stand 5-10 minutes.

I really don't know how to explain the way this feels but its well worth the glue and box of Borax to find out for yourself. Tylee loves to play with her Littlest Pet Shops and plastic princess' in it. Its also fun to cut with her Tea Party knives and Playdough scissors. Its some pretty neat stuff! Let me know if you try it!


1st Day of Preschool

It's over! We did it! And there were no tears shed! We successfully made it through the day without a single tear...from Tylee or Mom! (But we did get in a fight about her outfit. I ended up compromising so she would be comfortable.)
We pulled up to the school and she just walked right in! We actually had to call her back out of her room to give Tj and I hugs. She hugged us, turned around, and walked away! That made me happy. She was happy to be there and perfectly independent. We did good.

When we went to pick her up, she got up, pushed in her chair, got her "mail" and we walked down the hall. It was a very uneventful but successful day!  
I didn't expect to hear much about what she did but she actually told us quite a bit. Her favorite part was going down the slide. She played with the kitchen and made a friend named Emily, she thinks. She liked the snack but isn't sure what it was and can't wait to go back on Tuesday!