I haven't just blogged about one of our normal weekends in a long time. I'm struggling between whether people actually care about our day-to-day lives or if I should just blog the fun stuff. Hopefully I can find a happy medium because I miss blogging "just because." We didn't have any major plans this weekend so I was really looking forward to it. I was off on Friday (we are working our 4/10's again for the summer) and I haven't had a day to just hang out with Tylee in awhile. We started our day with a Pancake on a Stick (she loved them!) and then got ready to go find a birthday present for Josie.
Tylee was so funny picking out presents. I saw a Melissa and Doug Princess puzzle at Dollar General awhile back (when I stopped to buy Tylee a T-ball and Bat set which she now refers to as "soccer" whenever she asks to go outside and play) and was thinking that may be something fun to get Josie. So we started off at Dollar General and although they didn't have the puzzle set, Tylee found lots of other things to buy. She kept saying, "I can play with it now, then I can give it to Josie at her birthday party." Thankfully Dollar General has some pretty cheap (and decent) toys so we ended up with several duplicates - one for Tylee and one for Josie.
After we finished the birthday shopping, we headed to the library to check out some books and rent The Little Mermaid. We looked at books for over an hour and when it was finally time to leave, Tylee didn't want to check anything out because "we have books at home." I snuck around and checked a couple out but they are still sitting on the counter, unread. Guess she really didn't want any books! We finished off the day Friday playing at home and enjoying our day with nothing to do! Can't beat quality time.
Saturday morning we had to be in Chanute early for a friends Wedding Shower. Tylee was confused as to where we were going but I explained that my friend was getting married and that we were going to her shower and she was going to open a bunch of presents. (Have you tried explaining a wedding shower to a 3-year old?) Tylee was excited and told me she wanted to see my friend get married. I told her we would go but that the wedding wasn't until October. After the shower Tylee asked, "Mom, is that girl going to get married?" And I said, "Yah, but remember today was just the shower, not the wedding." And Tylee asked, "But where was the prince?"
After the shower, some of my best friends from highschool went to the new Chanute Aquatic Center. I picked up Lindsey's kids so they could babysit Tylee while I talked they could go with us and we all enjoyed the day in the sun. I was shocked how well Tylee did. Who was this girl and what did she do with my 3-year old that is scared of the pool?! I think the key is being able to touch and also being able to see the bottom and know there are no fish. She loved it so much we might be going back this Friday!
Sunday was the day Tylee had been waiting for all weekend. It took her forever to go down for a nap because she was SO excited. I think it lived up to everything she was hoping it would! She had so much fun playing with the kids, eating cake, and helping Josie open presents.
I think Tylee was more excited about the book than Josie was!
 Happy Birthday Josie! We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you. What a great way to end a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love all of your blogs---even the one's with nothing in them...keep them coming :)

Sunni said...

Blogs for no reason are the best blogs. But then again, I just blog for myself...

LOVE the cousin pictures at the pool! Also, those poor little girls looked VERY hot at Josie's birthday party...she's such a cutie!

Jen said...

I always enjoy reading your posts, so don't stop! I have a LONG list of blogs in my reader and skip almost all of them all the time, but I never skip over yours! ;-)

amanda said...

I love, love, love the picture of the kids all sitting in size order!! Did you plan that?