Not So Starving Artist

One of Tylee's favorite things to do is to color. I have always had a love for coloring (that stemmed from boredom at my brothers wrestling meets when I was little) and I cannot tell you how happy I am that Tylee has found this love too. We have every coloring book ever made (literally I haven't seen one that we don't already have or haven't had at some point) and almost all of them are completely colored in. We color a lot. I last documented Tylee's coloring skills here and I am pleased to say she has improved greatly.
(The cat was big and she kept asking me to color it for her because "her arm was soooo tired" but I wouldn't. I told her just to take a break and finish it later but she scribbled it instead. We are still working on patience.)


Sunni said...

So sweet! I love coloring too. I'm never without a good coloring book and a fresh box of crayons. =) Love Tylee's artwork, too!

Tj and Chelse said...

Tj and I have our own box of crayons that Tylee isn't allowed to use. Haha. Then she has her own box of broken down dull ones. Poor kid.