More camping pictures...

We went camping last weekend and suprisingly enough, I don't have much to say about it.
1) Look at those curls! That is what a fresh bath and humid air will do for ya.

2) These caterpillars entertained Tylee for hours. HOURS.  

3) I am probably not a very good influence encouraging Tylee not to being afraid of bugs. She couldn't understand why I wouldn't hold the caterpillars.

  4) Tylee loved fishing. Again, Mama doesn't like worms but you go right ahead babe.
 Something about this camping trip really reminded me of the lake and it really made me sad. I guess its because if we went to the lake this summer like we normally would have, Tylee wouldn't be afraid of the water, she would have enjoyed going out on the boat rather than cry the whole time, she would have had plenty of oppurtunities to play with bugs, and I can bet that Papa probably would have taken her fishing for as many hours as she wanted to go. Soon enough.

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Miranda said...

Where did you order that shirt from? Adorable!