Last Sunday afternoon I made the Pioneer Woman's Beef Enchilada recipe, her Spanish Rice, and my Homemade Guacamole. It was the best meal I've made in a long time. I cannot even being to tell you how good those enchiladas were. Unfortunately, there is a downside. I hate to ruin the moment but the entire meal cost me $59. For enchiladas. For Tj, Tylee, and I. Now, I wouldn't normally know this because typically I would have just grabbed the ingredients on my normal bi-weekly shopping trip, then wondered how I spent $250 at Wal-mart? Because I spent $60 on ONE MEAL is why! But last Sunday, I woke up in the mood to cook and ran to Wal-mart for this special meal. $59 later I walked out of Wal-mart and sure hoped they would be good!
Now, if you compare my Grocery List to the recipes (which I doubt anyone will do), I actually already had quite a few of the ingredients! I had tortillas, I had Sour Cream, I had Green Onions, and I had both oil and flour. I can't imagine if I had to buy everything! Now, some good news is that she said this would only make 10-14 enchiladas and I was actually able to make 20. You use corn tortillas so they are a little smaller than your typical enchilada but I was able to make 2 trays and share the love.
I don't usually pay attention to how much necessities cost. Milk? No idea. Bread? No idea. Gas? I honestly have no clue if its $3.29 or $3.99. Not buying that stuff is not an option so no need to price-gage. I have, however, started paying attention to non-necessities and a $59 Mexican Meal on a Sunday Evening is definitely not a necessity. I am going on my normal every-other-week-shopping-spree this week and I'm going to really try to pay attention so I don't end up with another $60 dinner anytime soon.

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