Okay, so where are all my wonderful commenters? Is anyone even reading this thing? I'm definitely not feeling any love...but I guess I'll give you the answer anyways. He is half French Bulldog and half Boston Terrier. I don't think we could've found a better mix!

French Bulldog: Prized for their affectionate natures and even dispositions, they are generally well behaved, adaptable, active and alert, but not unduly boisterous. While good at alerting their owners to danger, their main role is that of lap warmer.

Boston Terrier: Truly an "All-American" dog, the Boston Terrier is a lively and highly intelligent breed with an excellent disposition. The breed is easy to train and they are easy keepers, preferring to remain by their owner’s sides. The Boston Terrier is a friendly and lively dog, often boisterous. The breed has an excellent disposition and a high degree of intelligence, which makes the Boston Terrier an incomparable companion to other breeds.

To say he is loved is an understatement. I wasn't sure  could feel this way about a dog again after Dutch. He is the coolest dog with tons of spunk and attitude but also wants to spend lots of time asleep in your lap. The perfect mix. Since he's been home he has also enjoyed Tea Party, coloring, playing dollhouse, and dress-up. Tylee loves him as much as we do.


Darci said...

Yea, Merle! That first picture of Tylee is SO cute! Jack had another "Ty-ee" fix last night! Haha!

Sunni said...


Tara said...

So cute! I thought there was some french bulldog in there!

The Kepley Family said...

The puppy looks less then thrilled in the second picture! Haha