The weekend after I made our big Mexican Meal, I emailed my friends and asked them if they thought it was weird that I woke up bored, went to the store, and spent 4 hours that afternoon cooking. They didn't think it was weird, forsay, because they both know that I love to cook - but they did question how I had that much time to cook one meal. I don't normally have that much time and I was definitely multi-tasking (which is probably why it took me so long) but what better to do on a Sunday afternoon than cook a big meal? On Monday thru Friday, we have our fair share of easy, thrown together (and fattening) dinners. Microwaveable, even! Here are two of my favorites.

Hot Beef Sandwiches:
These hormel meals are so good. I honestly cannot tell the difference between a homeade roast that I make in the crockpot and these. The meat is REAL, the gravy is good, and it literally takes 4 minutes. Last time I bought the pre-sliced beef on accident (which is pictured here) and we didn't like it near as well. Normally I buy the whole roast or the Beef Tips and they are both delicious.
Anyways, the rest of the meal is simple. The only thing I actually cook for this meal is Mashed Potatoes. Then I throw the meat in the microwave, pull it out, mix a Brown Gravy packet with water and throw it in. Layer bread, potatoes, meat, and gravy and voila! A not-so-homeade but delicious Hot Beef Sandwich. 

Salisbury Steak - Grade School Style: 
Does anyone else remember Salisbury Steak day in Grade School? Those and the pork-riblets were my favorite!! And who didn't love Chicken and Noodle day? These salisbury steak are just like the ones they served for lunch. And I love them.
There is not a lot to this meal. Sometimes I make mashed potatoes to serve with these and sometimes we just eat some Lipton Noodles on the side. Depends on how much time and energy I have. Either way, they are tried and true delicious! Fattening? Yes. Processed junk that we probably shouldn't be eating? Yes. But sometimes your time and sanity count for something, right?

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