Camping with Cousins

I envisioned an afternoon filled with swimming and sun; an evening full of campfires, hot dogs, and marshmallows. Instead I got lots of rain, restless kids, and a muddy mess.
 We still had fun, it was just different than I had imagined. Tj pulled the camper down to Parsons Lake for me last weekend so I could take the girls camping. I've been wanting to take them to Farlington but its been so dang hot and the weekends haven't worked out. We crammed this little trip in between a couple things so it was short but sweet! That actually ended up being a good thing because I was a tad stressed.   
First, there was an issue with building our fire with 100% soaking wet wood. Said fire was definitely important, as that was how I was cooking dinner. Mission? Accomplished! All those years at the lake with my Dad paid off! I called him for a quick lesson and he warned me that the kids would try to throw sticks on that were too big. He was right!
Then we can add some mud in my already filled stress bucket. (Is that such a thing?)
Lots and lots of mud.
The mud was fine until I realized that (my brother in-law) Nathan let the girls pack themselves. They only packed 1 extra shirt and 1 extra pair of shorts.
Aaand I guess I can't really trash Nate because Tylee only had one outfit too...hence the tank and panties. That girl can rock anything.
Poppy, Nanny, and my Mom came over to help visit and were very much welcomed. Once they got there and I had some extra eyes on the kids, I was able to relax and enjoy the evening. It ended up being a great night.
 All parties involved ageed.

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