100% All Girl

Tylee and I fight about clothes all the time. You would think with me being the adult, I would win. I normally don't. Its just easier that way. When we found out that we had a girl, I longed for the days where my life would revolve around pony tails, bows, dresses, and shopping. That's what Moms and Daughters do, right?
But this girl, my lovely beautiful sweet daughter, is opinionated. Opinionated to the point where it is not even fun! I spent way too much time the day of Josie's birthday party convincing Tylee that her khaki shorts and blue and white striped shirt matched. Does everyone agree?
Because Tylee did not. You would've thought we were getting dressed to go to the Oscars! With her strong opinion and love for clothes, I figured it would be fun to take her shopping and let her pick out some things of her own. 10 minutes into the trip, I text 2 of my friends a picture of this.
With a caption that read, "Maybe I shouldn't have brought Tylee shopping with me." She loves Unicorns and latched onto this shirt as soon as she saw it. I slowly made my way to the register and bought the ugliest shirt I've ever seen. It was all worth it later when Tylee told me, "You are a nice Mom. I love my Unicorn shirt."
I was the most excited about letting her try stuff on because at home, she literally changes clothes 15 times a day. We'll be in the middle of making dinner and she'll disappear for 5 seconds and climb back up on the stool with a different shirt on. I used to walk in to her room full of clothes and get onto her for emptying her drawers and trashing it. Now, I've come to the conclusion that if it entertains her for hours at a time (which it does) - its not really hurting anything. No need to put a damper on her creative juices. Anyways, back to the shopping trip. We went to Old Navy and I let her run wild. "Pick out anything you want babe and we'll try it on and then go from there." She didn't like anything. Of course, she liked lots of stuff at Gymboree but when we got to the "cheap" store...nothing. I picked out some dresses and coaxed her into a couple things but she was not happy when she saw me throw something into the bag that she didn't want. We finally made it to the dressing room, she tried on what she wanted, and we left with one dress, one tank-top, one Graphic Tee, and a pair of jeans. Not quite what I imagined but hey, my checkbook was happy!
Since we got her clothes home, the new sack  has been dragged around the house and opened and closed many times. Everything has been tried on dozens of times and she is in love with everything we bought. Nothing beats a day together with my girl but the fact that we ended up with the outcome I was hoping for, makes it that much sweeter.

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