Pre-school Open House

It's coming! Sooner than later...
She can write her name but apparently can't recognize it when its written on an apple. Figures. 


Okay, so where are all my wonderful commenters? Is anyone even reading this thing? I'm definitely not feeling any love...but I guess I'll give you the answer anyways. He is half French Bulldog and half Boston Terrier. I don't think we could've found a better mix!

French Bulldog: Prized for their affectionate natures and even dispositions, they are generally well behaved, adaptable, active and alert, but not unduly boisterous. While good at alerting their owners to danger, their main role is that of lap warmer.

Boston Terrier: Truly an "All-American" dog, the Boston Terrier is a lively and highly intelligent breed with an excellent disposition. The breed is easy to train and they are easy keepers, preferring to remain by their owner’s sides. The Boston Terrier is a friendly and lively dog, often boisterous. The breed has an excellent disposition and a high degree of intelligence, which makes the Boston Terrier an incomparable companion to other breeds.

To say he is loved is an understatement. I wasn't sure  could feel this way about a dog again after Dutch. He is the coolest dog with tons of spunk and attitude but also wants to spend lots of time asleep in your lap. The perfect mix. Since he's been home he has also enjoyed Tea Party, coloring, playing dollhouse, and dress-up. Tylee loves him as much as we do.


More camping pictures...

We went camping last weekend and suprisingly enough, I don't have much to say about it.
1) Look at those curls! That is what a fresh bath and humid air will do for ya.

2) These caterpillars entertained Tylee for hours. HOURS.  

3) I am probably not a very good influence encouraging Tylee not to being afraid of bugs. She couldn't understand why I wouldn't hold the caterpillars.

  4) Tylee loved fishing. Again, Mama doesn't like worms but you go right ahead babe.
 Something about this camping trip really reminded me of the lake and it really made me sad. I guess its because if we went to the lake this summer like we normally would have, Tylee wouldn't be afraid of the water, she would have enjoyed going out on the boat rather than cry the whole time, she would have had plenty of oppurtunities to play with bugs, and I can bet that Papa probably would have taken her fishing for as many hours as she wanted to go. Soon enough.



This little guy has some big shoes to fill. I doubt he even comes close but I can already tell that he is ready for the challenge. He's got a lot of spunk, a big bark, and lots of love to go around.
Just look at that cute little face!
I was going to go into more detail but I think I'll let my dear blog readers guess. He is a mix of the exact two breeds we've been looking at. Its pretty unreal that we found him - I knew it was meant to be as soon as we saw the ad. Any guesses? (And if you already know and comment then I'm not going to post it!) More details to come!



The weekend after I made our big Mexican Meal, I emailed my friends and asked them if they thought it was weird that I woke up bored, went to the store, and spent 4 hours that afternoon cooking. They didn't think it was weird, forsay, because they both know that I love to cook - but they did question how I had that much time to cook one meal. I don't normally have that much time and I was definitely multi-tasking (which is probably why it took me so long) but what better to do on a Sunday afternoon than cook a big meal? On Monday thru Friday, we have our fair share of easy, thrown together (and fattening) dinners. Microwaveable, even! Here are two of my favorites.

Hot Beef Sandwiches:
These hormel meals are so good. I honestly cannot tell the difference between a homeade roast that I make in the crockpot and these. The meat is REAL, the gravy is good, and it literally takes 4 minutes. Last time I bought the pre-sliced beef on accident (which is pictured here) and we didn't like it near as well. Normally I buy the whole roast or the Beef Tips and they are both delicious.
Anyways, the rest of the meal is simple. The only thing I actually cook for this meal is Mashed Potatoes. Then I throw the meat in the microwave, pull it out, mix a Brown Gravy packet with water and throw it in. Layer bread, potatoes, meat, and gravy and voila! A not-so-homeade but delicious Hot Beef Sandwich. 

Salisbury Steak - Grade School Style: 
Does anyone else remember Salisbury Steak day in Grade School? Those and the pork-riblets were my favorite!! And who didn't love Chicken and Noodle day? These salisbury steak are just like the ones they served for lunch. And I love them.
There is not a lot to this meal. Sometimes I make mashed potatoes to serve with these and sometimes we just eat some Lipton Noodles on the side. Depends on how much time and energy I have. Either way, they are tried and true delicious! Fattening? Yes. Processed junk that we probably shouldn't be eating? Yes. But sometimes your time and sanity count for something, right?


100% All Girl

Tylee and I fight about clothes all the time. You would think with me being the adult, I would win. I normally don't. Its just easier that way. When we found out that we had a girl, I longed for the days where my life would revolve around pony tails, bows, dresses, and shopping. That's what Moms and Daughters do, right?
But this girl, my lovely beautiful sweet daughter, is opinionated. Opinionated to the point where it is not even fun! I spent way too much time the day of Josie's birthday party convincing Tylee that her khaki shorts and blue and white striped shirt matched. Does everyone agree?
Because Tylee did not. You would've thought we were getting dressed to go to the Oscars! With her strong opinion and love for clothes, I figured it would be fun to take her shopping and let her pick out some things of her own. 10 minutes into the trip, I text 2 of my friends a picture of this.
With a caption that read, "Maybe I shouldn't have brought Tylee shopping with me." She loves Unicorns and latched onto this shirt as soon as she saw it. I slowly made my way to the register and bought the ugliest shirt I've ever seen. It was all worth it later when Tylee told me, "You are a nice Mom. I love my Unicorn shirt."
I was the most excited about letting her try stuff on because at home, she literally changes clothes 15 times a day. We'll be in the middle of making dinner and she'll disappear for 5 seconds and climb back up on the stool with a different shirt on. I used to walk in to her room full of clothes and get onto her for emptying her drawers and trashing it. Now, I've come to the conclusion that if it entertains her for hours at a time (which it does) - its not really hurting anything. No need to put a damper on her creative juices. Anyways, back to the shopping trip. We went to Old Navy and I let her run wild. "Pick out anything you want babe and we'll try it on and then go from there." She didn't like anything. Of course, she liked lots of stuff at Gymboree but when we got to the "cheap" store...nothing. I picked out some dresses and coaxed her into a couple things but she was not happy when she saw me throw something into the bag that she didn't want. We finally made it to the dressing room, she tried on what she wanted, and we left with one dress, one tank-top, one Graphic Tee, and a pair of jeans. Not quite what I imagined but hey, my checkbook was happy!
Since we got her clothes home, the new sack  has been dragged around the house and opened and closed many times. Everything has been tried on dozens of times and she is in love with everything we bought. Nothing beats a day together with my girl but the fact that we ended up with the outcome I was hoping for, makes it that much sweeter.


Camping with Cousins

I envisioned an afternoon filled with swimming and sun; an evening full of campfires, hot dogs, and marshmallows. Instead I got lots of rain, restless kids, and a muddy mess.
 We still had fun, it was just different than I had imagined. Tj pulled the camper down to Parsons Lake for me last weekend so I could take the girls camping. I've been wanting to take them to Farlington but its been so dang hot and the weekends haven't worked out. We crammed this little trip in between a couple things so it was short but sweet! That actually ended up being a good thing because I was a tad stressed.   
First, there was an issue with building our fire with 100% soaking wet wood. Said fire was definitely important, as that was how I was cooking dinner. Mission? Accomplished! All those years at the lake with my Dad paid off! I called him for a quick lesson and he warned me that the kids would try to throw sticks on that were too big. He was right!
Then we can add some mud in my already filled stress bucket. (Is that such a thing?)
Lots and lots of mud.
The mud was fine until I realized that (my brother in-law) Nathan let the girls pack themselves. They only packed 1 extra shirt and 1 extra pair of shorts.
Aaand I guess I can't really trash Nate because Tylee only had one outfit too...hence the tank and panties. That girl can rock anything.
Poppy, Nanny, and my Mom came over to help visit and were very much welcomed. Once they got there and I had some extra eyes on the kids, I was able to relax and enjoy the evening. It ended up being a great night.
 All parties involved ageed.

3 Year Pictures

And I think clicking here will take you to a slideshow on Facebook. I don't know a lot about Facebook.


Good Times

I've put old pictures of me on the blog before (here and here) but never really saw a lot of resemblance between Tylee and I....until these.



Last Sunday afternoon I made the Pioneer Woman's Beef Enchilada recipe, her Spanish Rice, and my Homemade Guacamole. It was the best meal I've made in a long time. I cannot even being to tell you how good those enchiladas were. Unfortunately, there is a downside. I hate to ruin the moment but the entire meal cost me $59. For enchiladas. For Tj, Tylee, and I. Now, I wouldn't normally know this because typically I would have just grabbed the ingredients on my normal bi-weekly shopping trip, then wondered how I spent $250 at Wal-mart? Because I spent $60 on ONE MEAL is why! But last Sunday, I woke up in the mood to cook and ran to Wal-mart for this special meal. $59 later I walked out of Wal-mart and sure hoped they would be good!
Now, if you compare my Grocery List to the recipes (which I doubt anyone will do), I actually already had quite a few of the ingredients! I had tortillas, I had Sour Cream, I had Green Onions, and I had both oil and flour. I can't imagine if I had to buy everything! Now, some good news is that she said this would only make 10-14 enchiladas and I was actually able to make 20. You use corn tortillas so they are a little smaller than your typical enchilada but I was able to make 2 trays and share the love.
I don't usually pay attention to how much necessities cost. Milk? No idea. Bread? No idea. Gas? I honestly have no clue if its $3.29 or $3.99. Not buying that stuff is not an option so no need to price-gage. I have, however, started paying attention to non-necessities and a $59 Mexican Meal on a Sunday Evening is definitely not a necessity. I am going on my normal every-other-week-shopping-spree this week and I'm going to really try to pay attention so I don't end up with another $60 dinner anytime soon.



I haven't just blogged about one of our normal weekends in a long time. I'm struggling between whether people actually care about our day-to-day lives or if I should just blog the fun stuff. Hopefully I can find a happy medium because I miss blogging "just because." We didn't have any major plans this weekend so I was really looking forward to it. I was off on Friday (we are working our 4/10's again for the summer) and I haven't had a day to just hang out with Tylee in awhile. We started our day with a Pancake on a Stick (she loved them!) and then got ready to go find a birthday present for Josie.
Tylee was so funny picking out presents. I saw a Melissa and Doug Princess puzzle at Dollar General awhile back (when I stopped to buy Tylee a T-ball and Bat set which she now refers to as "soccer" whenever she asks to go outside and play) and was thinking that may be something fun to get Josie. So we started off at Dollar General and although they didn't have the puzzle set, Tylee found lots of other things to buy. She kept saying, "I can play with it now, then I can give it to Josie at her birthday party." Thankfully Dollar General has some pretty cheap (and decent) toys so we ended up with several duplicates - one for Tylee and one for Josie.
After we finished the birthday shopping, we headed to the library to check out some books and rent The Little Mermaid. We looked at books for over an hour and when it was finally time to leave, Tylee didn't want to check anything out because "we have books at home." I snuck around and checked a couple out but they are still sitting on the counter, unread. Guess she really didn't want any books! We finished off the day Friday playing at home and enjoying our day with nothing to do! Can't beat quality time.
Saturday morning we had to be in Chanute early for a friends Wedding Shower. Tylee was confused as to where we were going but I explained that my friend was getting married and that we were going to her shower and she was going to open a bunch of presents. (Have you tried explaining a wedding shower to a 3-year old?) Tylee was excited and told me she wanted to see my friend get married. I told her we would go but that the wedding wasn't until October. After the shower Tylee asked, "Mom, is that girl going to get married?" And I said, "Yah, but remember today was just the shower, not the wedding." And Tylee asked, "But where was the prince?"
After the shower, some of my best friends from highschool went to the new Chanute Aquatic Center. I picked up Lindsey's kids so they could babysit Tylee while I talked they could go with us and we all enjoyed the day in the sun. I was shocked how well Tylee did. Who was this girl and what did she do with my 3-year old that is scared of the pool?! I think the key is being able to touch and also being able to see the bottom and know there are no fish. She loved it so much we might be going back this Friday!
Sunday was the day Tylee had been waiting for all weekend. It took her forever to go down for a nap because she was SO excited. I think it lived up to everything she was hoping it would! She had so much fun playing with the kids, eating cake, and helping Josie open presents.
I think Tylee was more excited about the book than Josie was!
 Happy Birthday Josie! We look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you. What a great way to end a great weekend!