Tylee is 3!

Thank goodness someone finally arrived at the party! Tylee was driving me nuts all day! We gave her her presents from us first thing in the morning and she was ready to continue the fun! She didn't understand that her party didn't start until 5:30. It was a long day of waiting for everyone involved.
Pretty good for 6 kids 8 and under!

Tylee was so annoyed. We bried her with pictures so that she could open her presents.
Finally present time! Everytime she was opening something and started to see what it was, she would say, "Ohmygoodness! Ohmygoodness!" She couldn't hardly believe it! Then she kept telling me, "Just what I wanted, Mom!"
These two dolls and the baby Cinderella we bought with a Gift Card have not left her hands.
And cake time! She was star-struck with her cake. She went with me to pick it up and cried from the time we left Wal-mart until the time she could see it again.
This is when we were singing Happy Birthday. She didn't really know what to do. I really think she was annoyed that she was having to wait to dig in while we sang.
Last year the 1st string that was pulled was "the string". This year I think it made it through 3 kids before "the "string" was pulled. How does that happen when there are 40 strings on the thing?
Happy Birthday, my love! I loved every second of you turning 3 and am so glad that you enjoyed your party.

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