Summer is not fun

With a forecast like this
and a 3-year old that is scared of water
this is about as close to a pool as I have got this summer. I was hoping for a summer filled with weekends at the lake, camping, swimming, and just plain enjoying our sun-filled days. That has not been the case thus far. So far all I've gotten is a one-foot deep pool in the front yard, Tylee dipping her head in, spinning in circles, and playing with Barbies.
I have no idea what the deal is this summer. We swam in ND and I could tell she was timid but had no idea that that was only the beginning. The first few trips we swam we were solo at my Mom's and I really thought it would get better once the other kids were around. No suck luck! We are to the point now that she won't even put her swimsuit on if we are around a big pool. I guess she wants reassurance that there is no way whatsoever that we may put her in. I was able to get her in Stockton lake last weekend but she was gripping my neck as tight as she could with those little fingers! She eventually relaxed and let go with one arm (only to splash Dad!) but it was by no means enjoyable for either one of us. We aren't pressuring her at all but I'm kinda at a loss. I guess there is always next summer but I can't say that I'm not a little disapointed. Any tips? (We will be going back to swimming lessons in the fall but I'm nervous those may just be pure torture.)

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