Stockton Lake

Man, oh man it is hot! It is not good when you see the forecast and there are 7 straight days of 100+ temps. So what did we decide to do right in the middle of the heat-wave? Go camping and spend 3 straight days right in the middle of it. Thank god for air-conditioning.
I had to document that curl! Tylee hasn't had pigtails in awhile and I didn't realize they would dry like that!
So far we've been camping all by our little lonesome with just a handful of visitors here and there. People can't believe we go alone and always ask, "So what did you do all day?" I think I'll let the pictures do the talking from here...but I promise, we do plenty!
This is Tylee's little ant that crawled on her sticky hand when she was eating her popsicle she caught and carried around for over an hour. It was dead in the first 5 minutes but she didn't realize it. She knew it wasn't crawling but kept telling me that it was tired so she would just carry it. Oh the innocence. Its too much sometimes.
It was so hot that we were sweating playing princess'! You couldn't pay me enough money to go sit on a picnic table right now and play princess' in the 100+ degree weather but for some reason its different when you are camping!!
This is the 6th time we've been camping in our camper and I finally feel like we have everything figured out. The first few times we were making trips to town to grab things (saran wrap, extension cords, ect) but we didn't need anything this past weekend. The only thing I forgot was a big knife...which I didn't even need.
We liked Stockton a lot but it wasn't any better than Farlington and it was another hour away. It is fun checking out new lakes but the farther away you get, the harder it is for someone to come visit. (After play "princess" non-stop for 3 days I really wished we would've brought a neice or nephew!)

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