Stars and Stripes

4th of July was definitely bittersweet this year. I had a 5-day weekend and had planned on spending most of it at the lake. Obviously that didn't happen! My top priorities on 4th of July are family, fireworks, and food! I think we were given lemons and made lemonade because we had a great weekend. I needed to go back to work so I could relax a bit! 
Tylee is normally stocked with 4th of July outfits from Lindsey but I realized at the last minute we didn't have anything to wear this year. We didn't really have plans but I still wanted her dressed cute for pictures so we headed to Wal-mart early Saturday morning to get shirt supplies. I think this was the easiest shirt I've made to date! She wore it to a party we attended on Saturday but it came off within minutes of arriving in favor of putting on her swimsuit. Loves swimsuits - hates swimming. Figures.
 Sunday morning we headed to Chanute for a BIG day with family. We started off the day at my Mom's - everyone else swam while Tylee ran around the yard playing by herself. I started to feel sorry for her so I got out and helped her do some fireworks.
 Thankfully I packed 2 outfits because she was filthy within minutes! (I found the other outfit in Grammy's drawer. She bought it for Tylee last winter and forgot about it!)
 After we had our fill of the pool, I loaded up Lindsey's 3 big kids and we went to my Dad and Janis'. My Dad is the best person to shoot fireworks with because, well, to be honest he does all the work. He throughougly enjoys lighting things with the kids and I can sit back with a beverage and watch. And take pictures, of course.
 After we left my Dad's, we headed to Humboldt to eat icecream and watch the Lion's Club fireworks with Poppy. This has been my sister's family tradition the last few years but I have yet to go with Tylee. Being able to attend was definitely a positive thing since we couldn't go to the lake. Tylee and I both had a lot of fun.
Well, we had fun until the big fireworks started...then she was scared and wanted to go home. Thankfully Lindsey has had 4 experiences with kids being scared of fireworks and told me to cover Tylee's ears! Uhhh, why didn't I think of that? Problem solved! Except she was asleep in 5 minutes.

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