SEK League Meet

I'm a bad Aunt. My nieces and nephew were all 3 on the Chanute Sharks Swim Team this year and I never made it to a single meet. In my defense, I don't get off until 5:30 and they were all out of town (for me). Granted, there were a bunch in Chanute - I just never made it. Bad Aunt Chelse! But I pulled through when it mattered the most - the SEK League Meet.  
Tylee was throughoughly confused as to where were were going and what we were doing. She kept crying, "I don't want to swim. No Mom, I don't want too." I told her over and over that we were just going to watch Brecca swim...then she asked if she could just sit on the edge and put her feet in. Well, actually, no you can't do that either. Thankfully my Dad and Janis took her home early and I got some uninterrupted time to take some snaps. Thanks Papa and Janis!
Although all 3 kids did fantastic, it amazes me that at 5 years old Brax can swim all 4 strokes across that pool without drowning. Not to mention the fact that he actually competes and has a competitive time. Aren't most 5-year olds supposed to be enrolling in their first set of swimming lessons? I think swim-team is an amazingly awesome thing and I hope it is something Tylee takes interest in. My hopes aren't high since she cries at the sight of a pool but a lot could change in 2 years.

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