Racoony and Owl

Meet Racoony and Owl.
Racoony is actually a Lemur. Tylee knows that now and will hesistantly tell you if you ask. But we (as in Tylee, my Mom, and I) didn't know what it was for the 3 days she carried it around Branson. So when Tylee offered up the name "Racoony", we all agreed that was a great name.
Owl (as Tylee named it) is a Kitty that we brought home from Eureka Springs. He came with his own little pink leapord purse that he lives in and when we gave him to Tylee, she asked, "But Mom, do I still get to have my birthday?" Apparently us gifting her Owl (and some new shoes) was not worth skipping her birthday. Little did we know that Owl would become such a good friend. Tylee has tons of stuffed animals and has not been attatched to any of them thus far. But now Owl and Racoony go everywhere with Tylee.
Lately, it seems the only thing Tylee wants to do is play "pretend". (I don't really know what else to call it.) I am Owl and she is Racoony and we talk. And talk. And talk.

Me as Owl: Hey Racoony. I like your pretty white fur.
Tylee as Racoony: I like your white fur too Owl.
Me as Owl: Does your Mom brush it? It is awful shiney.
Tylee as Racoony: Chelse brushes it.
Me as Owl: I'm hungry.
Tylee as Racoony: Me too.
Me as Owl: What do you want to eat?
Tylee as Racoony: Macaroni and Cheese.

We play the same games with Barbies (one of which she has named Melissa) and with her babies and Build-a-bear's. It is intriguing to watch her mind switch into these characters but I am not going to lie and say it is always a barrel of fun. 1) Our conversations usually don't go anywhere because Tylee normally just answers my questions. You can only ask so many things to a fake Lemur named Racoony. 2) This is all she wants to do. She follows me around non-stop wanting to me to play make-believe. Or she wants me to put Barbie's high-heels on because Melissa is going to the dance. And the Build-a-bear needs a dress too because he is going to the dance with Melissa. So Mom? Will you please find my water baby and take off her dress so we can put it on Bear? And Barbie doesn't want to wear that purple dress because it doesn't match her shoes. Will you please put on the pink dress?

Now, more than ever, is when a sister would come in handy. An 8-year old sister that likes Barbies.

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Wyatt's Momma said...

love the names! wyatt has a giraffe he got in OK that he named Long Neck/Ears. Depending on his mood is what name he calls the giraffe. he also calls his blankie "Cre Cre" not sure how that got started but it's stuck.