I know I just did one of these but Tylee has been cracking us up lately. I figured I better document.
  • I just put Tylee down for a nap and about 20 minutes later, I could still hear her talking. I went in her room and she was sitting up in bed watching cartoons. I said, "Tylee - Lay down!" And she said, "Uh!! Why do you keep checking on me? Go sit down on the couch and watch TV."
  • Whenever you tell her to do something with a "stearn" voice she always says, "Why you so mad?" For instance I'll say, "Tylee, pick up your Goop so it doesn't dry out." And she'll reply, "Why you so mad?" while she stomps over to pick it up. 
  • On our way home from camping a few weeks ago she had Racoony and Owl and they were talking in the backseat. Owl kept saying the same thing over and over and it was getting rather annoying. Tj yelled at Tylee to be quiet and she said, "It wasn't me Dad. It was Owl!" and continued talking in her high-pitched Owl voice. 
  • I cannot even begin to count how many times a day Tylee changes clothes. Yesterday morning she took off her PJ's and came out with an outfit on. She asked if it was cute and I, of course, told her yes. Then she said, "Actually, I think I want an orange shirt" and off she went to change her clothes. This happens all throughout the day. But yesterday, literally no less than 6 outfits and one hour later, she comes out in a skirt and shirt. I told her it looked cute and she said, "Um, actually Mom, I want to wear this one on Saturday, during the daytime." She didn't believe me that it was Saturday, during the daytime.
  • Tj put Tylee down for a nap the other day and as always, when he went to check on her she was still awake. He told her she needed to go to sleep and she said, "But Dad! Whenever I close my eyes I can't see the cartoons!"

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