I know I just did one of these but Tylee has been cracking us up lately. I figured I better document.
  • I just put Tylee down for a nap and about 20 minutes later, I could still hear her talking. I went in her room and she was sitting up in bed watching cartoons. I said, "Tylee - Lay down!" And she said, "Uh!! Why do you keep checking on me? Go sit down on the couch and watch TV."
  • Whenever you tell her to do something with a "stearn" voice she always says, "Why you so mad?" For instance I'll say, "Tylee, pick up your Goop so it doesn't dry out." And she'll reply, "Why you so mad?" while she stomps over to pick it up. 
  • On our way home from camping a few weeks ago she had Racoony and Owl and they were talking in the backseat. Owl kept saying the same thing over and over and it was getting rather annoying. Tj yelled at Tylee to be quiet and she said, "It wasn't me Dad. It was Owl!" and continued talking in her high-pitched Owl voice. 
  • I cannot even begin to count how many times a day Tylee changes clothes. Yesterday morning she took off her PJ's and came out with an outfit on. She asked if it was cute and I, of course, told her yes. Then she said, "Actually, I think I want an orange shirt" and off she went to change her clothes. This happens all throughout the day. But yesterday, literally no less than 6 outfits and one hour later, she comes out in a skirt and shirt. I told her it looked cute and she said, "Um, actually Mom, I want to wear this one on Saturday, during the daytime." She didn't believe me that it was Saturday, during the daytime.
  • Tj put Tylee down for a nap the other day and as always, when he went to check on her she was still awake. He told her she needed to go to sleep and she said, "But Dad! Whenever I close my eyes I can't see the cartoons!"


Spoiled Puppies


SEK League Meet

I'm a bad Aunt. My nieces and nephew were all 3 on the Chanute Sharks Swim Team this year and I never made it to a single meet. In my defense, I don't get off until 5:30 and they were all out of town (for me). Granted, there were a bunch in Chanute - I just never made it. Bad Aunt Chelse! But I pulled through when it mattered the most - the SEK League Meet.  
Tylee was throughoughly confused as to where were were going and what we were doing. She kept crying, "I don't want to swim. No Mom, I don't want too." I told her over and over that we were just going to watch Brecca swim...then she asked if she could just sit on the edge and put her feet in. Well, actually, no you can't do that either. Thankfully my Dad and Janis took her home early and I got some uninterrupted time to take some snaps. Thanks Papa and Janis!
Although all 3 kids did fantastic, it amazes me that at 5 years old Brax can swim all 4 strokes across that pool without drowning. Not to mention the fact that he actually competes and has a competitive time. Aren't most 5-year olds supposed to be enrolling in their first set of swimming lessons? I think swim-team is an amazingly awesome thing and I hope it is something Tylee takes interest in. My hopes aren't high since she cries at the sight of a pool but a lot could change in 2 years.


Summer is not fun

With a forecast like this
and a 3-year old that is scared of water
this is about as close to a pool as I have got this summer. I was hoping for a summer filled with weekends at the lake, camping, swimming, and just plain enjoying our sun-filled days. That has not been the case thus far. So far all I've gotten is a one-foot deep pool in the front yard, Tylee dipping her head in, spinning in circles, and playing with Barbies.
I have no idea what the deal is this summer. We swam in ND and I could tell she was timid but had no idea that that was only the beginning. The first few trips we swam we were solo at my Mom's and I really thought it would get better once the other kids were around. No suck luck! We are to the point now that she won't even put her swimsuit on if we are around a big pool. I guess she wants reassurance that there is no way whatsoever that we may put her in. I was able to get her in Stockton lake last weekend but she was gripping my neck as tight as she could with those little fingers! She eventually relaxed and let go with one arm (only to splash Dad!) but it was by no means enjoyable for either one of us. We aren't pressuring her at all but I'm kinda at a loss. I guess there is always next summer but I can't say that I'm not a little disapointed. Any tips? (We will be going back to swimming lessons in the fall but I'm nervous those may just be pure torture.)


Princess at Heart

Within seconds, okay, maybe minutes of getting home from camping on Sunday Tylee had changed her entire outfit and wanted me to put on music so she could dance. Tj was not even in the house yet from getting the dogs situated outside. Apparently being away from her princess stuff for 2 days was more than she could handle. Take note of the clear high-heels as well as the moment at the very end when she spots a princess crown in her backpack and exchanges it for the headband.


Stockton Lake

Man, oh man it is hot! It is not good when you see the forecast and there are 7 straight days of 100+ temps. So what did we decide to do right in the middle of the heat-wave? Go camping and spend 3 straight days right in the middle of it. Thank god for air-conditioning.
I had to document that curl! Tylee hasn't had pigtails in awhile and I didn't realize they would dry like that!
So far we've been camping all by our little lonesome with just a handful of visitors here and there. People can't believe we go alone and always ask, "So what did you do all day?" I think I'll let the pictures do the talking from here...but I promise, we do plenty!
This is Tylee's little ant that crawled on her sticky hand when she was eating her popsicle she caught and carried around for over an hour. It was dead in the first 5 minutes but she didn't realize it. She knew it wasn't crawling but kept telling me that it was tired so she would just carry it. Oh the innocence. Its too much sometimes.
It was so hot that we were sweating playing princess'! You couldn't pay me enough money to go sit on a picnic table right now and play princess' in the 100+ degree weather but for some reason its different when you are camping!!
This is the 6th time we've been camping in our camper and I finally feel like we have everything figured out. The first few times we were making trips to town to grab things (saran wrap, extension cords, ect) but we didn't need anything this past weekend. The only thing I forgot was a big knife...which I didn't even need.
We liked Stockton a lot but it wasn't any better than Farlington and it was another hour away. It is fun checking out new lakes but the farther away you get, the harder it is for someone to come visit. (After play "princess" non-stop for 3 days I really wished we would've brought a neice or nephew!)


Racoony and Owl

Meet Racoony and Owl.
Racoony is actually a Lemur. Tylee knows that now and will hesistantly tell you if you ask. But we (as in Tylee, my Mom, and I) didn't know what it was for the 3 days she carried it around Branson. So when Tylee offered up the name "Racoony", we all agreed that was a great name.
Owl (as Tylee named it) is a Kitty that we brought home from Eureka Springs. He came with his own little pink leapord purse that he lives in and when we gave him to Tylee, she asked, "But Mom, do I still get to have my birthday?" Apparently us gifting her Owl (and some new shoes) was not worth skipping her birthday. Little did we know that Owl would become such a good friend. Tylee has tons of stuffed animals and has not been attatched to any of them thus far. But now Owl and Racoony go everywhere with Tylee.
Lately, it seems the only thing Tylee wants to do is play "pretend". (I don't really know what else to call it.) I am Owl and she is Racoony and we talk. And talk. And talk.

Me as Owl: Hey Racoony. I like your pretty white fur.
Tylee as Racoony: I like your white fur too Owl.
Me as Owl: Does your Mom brush it? It is awful shiney.
Tylee as Racoony: Chelse brushes it.
Me as Owl: I'm hungry.
Tylee as Racoony: Me too.
Me as Owl: What do you want to eat?
Tylee as Racoony: Macaroni and Cheese.

We play the same games with Barbies (one of which she has named Melissa) and with her babies and Build-a-bear's. It is intriguing to watch her mind switch into these characters but I am not going to lie and say it is always a barrel of fun. 1) Our conversations usually don't go anywhere because Tylee normally just answers my questions. You can only ask so many things to a fake Lemur named Racoony. 2) This is all she wants to do. She follows me around non-stop wanting to me to play make-believe. Or she wants me to put Barbie's high-heels on because Melissa is going to the dance. And the Build-a-bear needs a dress too because he is going to the dance with Melissa. So Mom? Will you please find my water baby and take off her dress so we can put it on Bear? And Barbie doesn't want to wear that purple dress because it doesn't match her shoes. Will you please put on the pink dress?

Now, more than ever, is when a sister would come in handy. An 8-year old sister that likes Barbies.



I'm guessing that by the time Tylee is 16, I will be able to put her boot collection up to some of the best. Thanks Grammy and Pom-pom!


Stars and Stripes - Part 2

You didn't think that was it, did you? I can't stop with just one 4th of July post. I take too many pictures for that.
Well, we were lucky enough this year to get away with only spending $20 on poppers, smoke bombs, snakes, parachutes, and a few fountains. I assume our 4th of July expense is going to start doubling or tripling in the next few years.
No wonder she was dirty for 4 days straight!
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. I know we did!