Tylee is 3! (Decorations and Details)

I had a few different ideas running through my head for Tylee's birthday but kept being haunted by the fact that she would probably love a princess party. I just couldn't get over that I was depriving my daughter of something she would love just because I wanted something cuter. We finally decided to have the party at a shelter close to our house and ended up going a picnic theme. Unfortunately, a pink princess cake doesn't mesh well with red gingham so I mixed everything up and went with a pink picnic. It couldn't have turned out cuter!!
The spare room bed was covered in stuff for several weeks leading up to her birthday. Between Tylee asking 5 times a day if it was her birthday yet and all the stuff piling up in the house, I was ready for June 25th to finally arrive.  
I tried to do the party on a budget and ended up making a lot of the stuff myself. My awesome friend Alicia made me a bunch of stuff to print-at-home, therefore I ended up spending quite a bit of time cutting out circles (thanks for helping Jennifer and Rebecca!) but not a lot of money.
For example, in the picture above, I spent $2 on the pink bin at Target but added so much to the party by wrapping the silverware in napkins and tying on a 3. No matter what kind of party we threw - I would have bought silverware and napkins. So the extra cost? $2 bin and lots of some spare time! Totally worth it, in my opinion.
Same with this cute little 3! A bucket from the dollar bin at Target, some aquarium rocks, a dalrod, ribbon, a printable, and voila! You have a cheap decoration for the table. (Same goes for the pin-wheel that I made in the picture below.)

Ummm, yah, these were completely unnescarry but totally worth it. Anyone need any Mason Jars? No one took any home like they were supposed too.
(I completely copied the beer trough idea off Amanda. It was too cute not to replicate!)
And behold the famous princess cake! I heard about this thing for months - as did everyone else. About a week before the party I finally took her to Wal-mart and let her flip through the book to actually pick her cake out. On the way in, she decided that she wanted a Beauty in the Beast cake. Uh, no Tylee! Those are blue!! Thankfully, she decided on this pink one with all the princess'- I may or may not have bribed her.
Unfortunately, it was quite the whirlwind getting everything setup for the party and by the time everything was done and I was ready to take pictures, there were already people there. That was fine and believe me, I was glad someone finally came because Tylee was so excited! But the guys were already cooking, the coolers were in the way, stuff was on the tables, ect. Therefore, I was never able to capture the entire picture and show you how cute everything looked together. And I'm sad that I never got a good picture of the flag banner that I made or of the tables as a whole. Thankfully, I was there and I remember how cute it was. :-)  You can't take those memories from me!
Yummy pulled-pork sandwiches!
And beans! You didn't think those beans were good for you, did you?
It really was the perfect day. I feel like I did just enough to make her party special without going completely overboard. (I know you may think differently if it isn't your thing but I throughougly enjoyed every ounce of planning this party from start to finish.) Tylee had so much fun and that is really all that matters. I'll share some photos of the rest of the party soon.

Oh! And Happy Birthday Tj! Tylee was born on Tj's birthday so he is going to get the shaft for a few years. Tylee wasn't thrilled about sharing her birthday with him and kept telling him that girls like pink and boys like blue, so it was her party - not his. I don't think he minds having a pink birthday. Afterall - he got the best present he could've ever asked for 3 years ago!


Sunni said...

Very cute, Chels! I love her cake! That '3' balloon is perfect...as is her shirt! Oh, and if you're serious about getting rid of Mason jars...I'd be happy to get them out of your way. :)

Reed Family said...

I need to gather Mason jars for Taryn's bridal shower too! You think we can borrow them?