Omaha Zoo

I had to go to North Dakota for work last week so we made it a family ordeal and I took Tj and Tylee with me. The first stop (of our 14 hour drive) was at the Omaha Zoo. The plan was to make the 5-hour trek to Omaha, wear Tylee plum out at the zoo, then get as far North as we could while she slept.
 For the most part, the plan worked. Problem: we arrived at the zoo at dead-on nap time. And being the thoughtful parents that we are - we decided to for-go the stroller. Not a good idea.
I've heard very good things about the Omaha Zoo but after going myself, I don't have very good things to say about it. Good things? Yes. Best zoo ever? No. It was very hilly and everything was really spread out. Read - we didn't use a stroller and had a toddler there during nap time. I guess that probably wasn't the Zoo's fault now was it. Oops.
The best part of the whole Zoo was the aquarium (however if you read online the Henry Doorly Zoo is listed at #8 in the nation and is best known for its 1.5 acre Lied Jungle...apparently we missed that) which was packed. Completely packed standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the person next to you. It was dark and hot so pretty much just set everyone up to be claustrophobic even if you've never been claustrophobic before. Tylee didn't mind.
The rest of the zoo was just okay. We missed the Elephants and Zebras but tried to catch most of the big stuff. We saw more animals than shown here but the zoo was literally SO crowded that it was hard to get a picture without someone (other than Tylee) in the snap.
Overall, we had a good time and it was the perfect distraction in the middle of our long car ride. Tylee fell asleep within minutes of being in the car and we headed north to South Dakota.
 To be continued...

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