I hope you are prepared for a picture overload! I really tried to cut some out but I think these pictures tell a story. I would much rather let the pictures do the talking vs. me rambling about how fantastic of a weekend we had. So here ya go.
 Boone is home from the trainer! When we pulled in the drive the other night and saw him Tylee said, "I can't believe it."
 I need to find a picture that I have of myself when I was about this age. It is of me at the lake but I am about the same amount of dirty and my hair is just as crazy.
 I am worried about this summer because we've been swimming 3X's now and Tylee wants nothing to do with the water if it is over 12 inches deep. We have been by ourself all three times though and I'm hoping when she sees her cousins jumping and playing in the water, she will want to go in too.
 I woke Tylee up from her nap and then headed back outside. It took her awhile to come outside but when she finally did, she had gotten herself fully dressed...in boots and a hoodie.
Tylee has mastered the art of drawing people and that is about all she wants to draw now. Apparently drawing a picture of a person is a development step because it was on Tylee's Denver Testing for Parents As Teachers. I guess kids always start with just a head and legs and it takes them awhile before they draw a body. Who knew?
She was not in time-out, she was pouting. (Blurry picture but I had to share.)
The best $90 we ever spent...a portable DVD player. Apparently Mom and Dad aren't quite entertaining enoug alone in a camper for 36 hours.
 I love how she is obviously looking at something else and her marshmallows are in full-flame. I can't hear my self now saying, "Tylee! Pay attention!"
 No one actually even liked roasted marshmallows...except Boone.
Home sweet home! We miss you Farlington. We cannot wait to come back.

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Wyatt's Momma said...

drawing a person's body is the next development milestone and after that it will be drawing details on the person like hands and facial features: noses, ears, teeth, eye lashes. but those come much later in 2nd-3rd grade. just to give you an idea i had a student that had down's syndrome and when she drew people or animals they all looked exactly like tylee's. the head with arms and legs.