Branson 2011

*I'm going to throw all these into one post so that I can get it posted before Tj and Tylee's birthday and 4th of July.

I am 28 years old and have probably been to Branson over 20 times. I can count a handful of times I've missed as and adult and I'm guessing I didn't go as a newborn. My family has been making this same trip for my entire life - and I am still just as excited every single year. A few things have changed over the years but for the most part, we stay at the same place, eat at the same restaurants, and do the exact same things. And I love every second of it. We always start the trip off by eating at Lamberts, right outside of Springfield. If you've never eaten there, it is a MUST! So much fun and great food. I was a flash snob (as always) so my pictures from Lambert's turned out like this.

Then Lindsey took my pictures and turned it on Auto. Thankfully her pictures turned out a lot better than mine. I'm not a photograher! I am capturing memories! I need to remember that more often.
We got to our condo that night and got everything unloaded and settled in for the night. Tylee is in love with her cousins. And I think they like her a lot too!
First up? White Water! It is our least favorite between the two parks (Silver Dollar City and White Water) so we always do it first so we still have SDC to look forward to the next day. I was so excited to take Tylee and really hoped she loved it...but she didn't. She actually didn't even like it. She just kept saying, "I want to go back to the room." She finally warmed up to the smallest kiddie area (not the one for 2-3 year olds - the one for newborns and 1 year olds) so we hung out in there most of the day while the big kids rode all the rides and Brynna relaxed in the shade. White Water was definitely a different experience with a toddler vs. by myself.
My Mom and Lindsey finally took the little girls home so that Nathan, the big kids, and I could go ride some rides. Oh! And I got my 30 minutes all by myself in the sun - which is what I really wanted out of the entire vacation! Pure bliss. We made it back to the room, got everyone ready for the 2nd time that day, and headed to the strip for some Go-karts and the Ferris Wheel.

Tylee made it around twice before she started screaming, "I'm done! I'm done!" and they let her out.
Next up? Silver Dollar City! One of my favorite places ever. And I really have no idea why.
Tylee did better at Silver Dollar City but was pretty much done with the day after I took her on the Lost River. Thankfully I took a change of clothes because she was not okay with being wet. She liked most of the kiddie rides but did not like the big swing. She liked the train but didn't like the Robbers. She liked the dog show but did not like Diggity Dog. She kept saying, "Its not okay. Its not okay. This is not fun!" in her scared voice whenever the fake dressed up dog would come out. So everything seemed to be a catch-22. She wanted to go in the candy store all day but when it was actually time, she covered her nose the whole time saying, "It stanks." So...I guess the day was probably as good as you could expect it to be with a 3-year old. It was definitely a different trip than I'm used too (usually I go ride all the big rollercoasters all day with my brother and Nathan) but I can't say it was better or worse. I enjoyed being there with Tylee and making some of the same memories that I have as a child with her but she just wasn't quite old enough for it to actually be enjoyable. I guess there is always next year. And the next, and the next.  

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