There are no words...

Our cove at the lake is called Sweetwater Hollow. My Uncle Tim made this sign many, many years ago. I think it is a pretty good motto at a time like this. And I have to say that even with all the tears and clean-up over Memorial Day weekend, good times were still had.
I'm not going to claim to be smart enough to notice this...but someone pointed it out this weekend and I took a picture. These nails were in a deck that was attatched to a foundation of a house - and are straight up and down, not pushed sideways. That entire house was literally picked straight up and moved several feet back.
This mirror was in the rubble of my Uncle Tim and Michelle's trailor - unbroken.
This was only a handful of the people that came to help. It is great to see so many people pull together to help our family. Thank you.
Our property at the lake is private and there is only one major road in. My Dad put this Wrong Way sign on a tree that stood in the middle of the road when I was probably 5 years old. There are a bunch of stories of people coming all the way down there, yet turning around before they actually made it in because of this sign. I doubt any of those stories are true but I've heard several of them. Glad we found the sign amongst the rubble!
These are looking at the cove from the water. Plenty of people came "sight-seeing" this weekend. It was pretty annoying but I can't say I wouldn't be doing the same thing.  
And by far the saddest picture I have, this is the view from (what was) my Grandmas front porch. I remember this yard being filled with trees, flowers, my Grandpas garden, and 10 foot tomato plants.

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