Mother's Day - Late

We didn't celebrate Mother's Day late, I'm just blogging about it late. I had a great 3rd Mother's Day - maybe the best one yet! Tylee woke me up around 6:30 - she must not have gotten the memo that I wanted to sleep in. Tj got up with her and I rolled over ecstatic and settled back in for a nap. I say "nap" because it wasn't but 2 minutes later they were back in bed with a card and a gift. I think I've gotten a card and some flowers before but never an actual gift! It must've taken Tylee 3 years to save enough money to buy me something I wanted. But she pulled through this year with a fantastic gift and got me a Chi Blowdryer. Very thoughtful of her. She definitely picked up on some hints I dropped.
After our gift exchange in bed, my family came out for a BBQ and the kids played with Brecca's old Tylee's new car. The weather was beautiful and I always love having my family out. I am the only one that likes to cook so I volunteered to host this year. The dishes and clean-up were well worth the company. Hope you all had a great day as well!

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