"The Lake"

Please pray for my family and all of our friends at Sweetwater Hollow on Grand Lake. Our place took a direct hit from a tornado on Sunday and everything is gone. My grandma was there, in her trailor, and is okay. I know that is all that truly matters but there is definitely a big hole in my heart. I have been thanking God that Grandma is okay and that it didn't hit next weekend when every single one of these trailors would have been full of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends, Neices, and Nephews (not to mention my Dad, Janis, possibly myself, my sister, her kids, Tylee, my brother, Erin, Lowen, ect.) I have many, many have memories here and my heart is broken that Tylee won't have the same memories. She will have memories - we will rebuild and no one can take this away from us - but they will be different. Very, very different.

Here is a link to some of our good times at the lake. I'm trying to replace the good memories with the bad right now but am struggling.

 Neighbors dock at the beach
 Uncle Mike and Aunt Cindy's trailor
 My Grandma's trailor that she was in...Thank God she is okay.
 Uncle Tim's trailor
 Cousin Adam's trailor
 Random boat on the beach
 Steps to where Cindy and Mike's trailor sat
It sounds like my Dad's trailor is still standing but I haven't gotten any pictures from him yet. These trailors are literally 100 yards away from each other yet you can't get from one to the other because of debri. I have no idea what some of these pictures are of or where they were taken and I have been here too many times to count.  I have heard it is completely unbelievable and these pictures don't even do it justice. If these pictures make me sick to look at, I'm sure it is going to be even more emotially devastating in person.


The Kepley Family said...

That is unbelievable! I haven't been there in a long time but it is still so sad to see. If your dad an Janis need help with anything let me know.

house-of-boys said...

I am so sorry for your loss but so glad that your family was safe. It looks terrible. :(

Darci said...

So sorry Chelse! Like you said, YOU still have your memories to share with Tylee AND you will rebuild and make new memories with Tylee! Still the whole thing is super sad!