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Tylee has officailly made her magainze debut! Do you know how long I have had to keep this secret? And of course - the magazines in our area got lost this month so I had to wait an extra 2 weeks from when I thought I was actually going to be able to tell!
120,000 of these babies were mailed across the entire state of Kansas. Chances are that if you know someone who lives out in the country - they got this magazine. I have only had one person from out of town notice (Thanks Sunni!) but as I mentioned before, some of them were late so the verdict is still out as to whether or not anyone else randomly notices.
I would like for you to think that Tylee and Gage got the cover because they are both so cute - but that isn't actually true. (Although, personally I do think they are both pretty cute!) I work for Twin Valley Electric, which is the Rural Electric Coop that serves rural Labette, Montgomery, and (some of) Neosho County. This is the magazine that Twin Valley sends out each month, as does the other 29 Rural Electric Coops in the State of Kansas. Each Coop creates their own center spread but the cover and rest of the magazine is the same. Kansas Electric Cooperative in Topeka actually creates and publishes the magazine...and my boss' daughter just so happens to work for them. So the real story is that she was in town, needed cute kids and some motorized vehicles - both of which we had, and we went over to my boss' house one Sunday morning for a photoshoot.
It was pure chaos so I am actually pleased with how the picture turned out. There were 4 cars and 5 kids all running driving around like mad(wo)men. Thankfully Shanna got a photo that would work and Tylee and Gage ended up on the cover.
So! Enjoy our magazine debut. Let me know if you or anyone you know gets the magazine! I can probably arrange autographs if anyone would like. :-D


Darci said...

Yes, please! Jack needs an autograhed copy of his future "out of town" girlfriends's first magazine cover!

Yes, I'm serious! I'll expect it tomorrow! :-)

Congrats and so exciting!

Sunni said...

Love it! We will definitely need Tylee's autograph on ours as well. :)