Sticker Chart

A week ago yesterday, I decided to start a sticker chart for Tylee to try to get her to sleep in her own bed. You'll never guess how she has done! 
 Since we started the chart she has slept in her bed 5 out of 5 nights with 2 free passes because of storms!! Awesome. And lets face it, I was already giving her rewards so I myswell be making her think she was getting them for staying in her bed rather than just being spoiled rotten. I am okay with admitting that I am bribing my child. But wait, isn't this actually called positive reinforcement? The first night she slept in her bed, we went to the library the next day. It took 2 more stickers to get another reward and for that reward, she got to go camping. (Ha! Hey, she really doesn't know any different.) The next treat came after just one more night in bed - which was Icecream at Braums on Sunday. And just last night, she got a flower pot and seeds to plant her own little bucket of flowers. (Which Tj did today without me today while I was at work. I am not happy.)
So anyways, apparently sticker charts are something that is going to work for Tylee and I couldn't be more thrilled. She has gotten a couple of stickers for peeing in the potty (and one for eating her entire plate which never happens) so I think I'm going to try this again with potty-training once she is back in her bed full-time. I think the Potty-training chart will be a little more structured with actual planned out rewards to work towards but for our first time around, this was a total success!

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