Potty-training = OVER

The sticker chart was a 100% success! We are completely done with Potty-training. Tylee had a couple of accidents the first 48 hours in panties, two more throughout the next week, and has had ZERO accidents since last Wednesday. We are 12 days into this with 4 accidents and I am actually starting to consider letting her ride in my new Jeep. I'm kidding. Kinda. :-/
Most of our "training" has taken place at home but we are getting more brave about taking her places without a diaper on. I caved and bought a package of (expensive!!) pull-ups but I am proud to say she usually won't pee in one. Even with one on, she will grab her little booty, yell she has to pee, runs to the bathroom and strips down...all by herself. We started with the potty chair in the kitchen/living room area (so she didn't have far to go) and moved it into the bathroom last weekend. This week she has been using her Elmo seat on the big potty and has actually went a couple different times in strange places on a regular toilet.
We have 2 things left to work on: holding it and remembering to take time out to go when she is busy. She stopped mid-Easter Egg Hunt to go and does fine at home when she is in the middle of something. I am worried about my cousins wedding reception this weekend and if she will realize she has to go amongst all the commotion. I have no idea how long she can hold it, thus being the reason she has yet to ride in my Jeep without anything on. So far we have been near a potty every time she has had to go and I can't say I want to push that envelope just so I can find her limit.
All of this applies for both #1 and #2. I know a lot of kids struggle with the latter but it didn't seem to bother her at all. I am so happy that this is finally done because it has been weighing on me for awhile. I won't lie - I was nervous about doing something wrong and pushing her before she was ready but I was also nervous about Tylee peeing on the floor. Or the couch. Or our bed. Or in my car.
There was no setting timers, no crazy tactics, and no special potty-toys. I reminded her every half hour or so that she didn't have on a diaper and she told me when she had to go. It was that simple. She got some M&M's after the first line was full, a pair of flip-flops when the 2nd line was full, a bag of Cheetos when the 3rd line was full, ect. The chart is almost full!! Apparently those sociologists did know what they were talking about - positive reinforcement works!

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Diana Olson said...

Way to go! That is quite an accomplishment!