Potty-Training 101

Potty-training is going good but I'm not going to lie - it is such a pain in the ass. Is this the hardest parenting-step ever? Because so far it is at the top of my chart. We started about 10am on Saturday (because Tylee stayed all night at Grammy's and Mommy was running a little slow) and she went twice before naptime. I feel like we backtracked a little before nap because it took her over an hour to fall asleep and she peed in her diaper before she ever went to bed. She had a pretty successful evening and finished filling a line on her sticker chart about 10 minutes before bed, therefore getting her M&M's as promised. Unfortunately, she then had an accident (on the couch none-the-less) while eating her reward.
Sunday went about the same but we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in Chanute and I wasn't sure what to do. She went right before we left the house, was dry when we got there, tried to potty, then peed in her diaper during the hunt. I didn't want to leave halfway through the Egg Hunt to go potty but I knew if I put a diaper on her, she would probably use it. I decided better safe than sorry on our 2nd day cold turkey - and she peed in her diaper within the 5 minutes it took her to pick up some eggs. It was time for a nap as soon as we got home and then we had a pretty successful evening.
The plan was that I would do the jist of it this weekend, Grammy and Dad would continue throughout the week and hopefully be a majority of the way done by next weekend. Unfortunately, life happens and according to the projectile vomiting right right before I walked out the door this morning, Tylee has the flu. Guess we'll see what happens. She is now napping - with a diaper on.

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Wyatt's Momma said...

Good luck with potty training! loving the sticker chart and it looks like she is too. :)